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Microsoft’s Windows 8 RTM Build Number Is 8888 2

We have just been tipped off that Microsoft’s Windows 8 RTM build number will be 8888. They claim that the signed-off build number for Windows 8 RTM will be Windows 8

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Microsoft announces Windows 8 retail availability date – October 26, 2012 3

Microsoft has just announced that Windows 8 will be available on October 26th. The announcement came from Steven Sinofsky at Microsoft’s annual sales meeting. Now that there is a firm

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Microsoft Announces Windows 8 To Go 2

Microsoft has just announced a new flavor of its Windows 8 OS, called Windows 8 To Go. It is designed to be used on older computers and runs off a

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New NVIDIA beta drivers add Windows 8 support 4

It is true that NVIDIA has released drivers for its GeForce PC graphics cards that support Windows 8. The thing is, those drivers cannot be used on a PC with

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Upgrading to Windows 8 Pro will be $39.99, Microsoft says 2

Well, well, well.. it seems as Microsoft is going to play hardball with Apple. Microsoft has just announced that an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro from  Windows XP, Windows Vista, or

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Windows Explorer is no more, Windows 8 build 843x images surface 4

  As the RTM announcement in July comes near for Windows 8, we are seeing some small changes starting to be made. The old Windows Explorer will now be renamed

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