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Apple gives Kickstarter campaign “POP” the finger, largest Kickstarter refund to date 0

Edison Junior, the technology product design laboratory behind the Kickstarter-crowdfunded POrtable Power station POP, has announced that it will offer the largest refund from a Kickstarter project to date, returning

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Jorno The Worlds Smallest Folding Bluetooth Keyboard Comes To Kickstarter 0

Everyone these days has a tablet and/or a smartphone many of whom could seek benefit from a portable physical keyboard for these devices. These users will be interested in a

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Outdoor Technology unveils the Turtle Shell on Kickstarter 0

Another day, another Kickstarter project.It’s a fully-equipped Bluetooth speaker that looks quite rugged. It also has a great selection of mounting accessories so you can listen to your music and

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First Look: SmarterStand for iPad for the Apple Smart Cover 0

You know, sometimes the simplest things are the most useful. That is definately a fact with the Smarter Stand for iPad Smart Covers. This Kickstarter project created by Dotan Saguy had a funding

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Trioh! The world’s most beautiful flashlight 0

You know how when the power goes out, your looking everywhere for a flashlight? Sometimes, and actually most often, the batteries will be dead so your searching for those too.

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POP Powerful 25,000 mAh Battery Pack Hits Kickstarter, Passes Funding Goal 0

Yet again, another amazing project hits KickStarter and reached it’s funding goal almost instantly. The POP project was launched on Kickstarter 2 days ago (July 18th) and it has already

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