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Wrap up on the latest Apple devices 2

Across the globe, Apple is widely recognized as one of the most technologically advanced electronics corporations and arguably the most popular. Yeah, there’s also Samsung, Microsoft, Nokia, Hewlett Packard –

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Review: Metawatch Frame 3

Recently I’ve had the chance to review the MetaWatch Frame. The MetaWatch Frame is $200 Smartwatch that is compatible with both Android and iOS. Sorry Windows Phone and Blackberry users,

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BluFit Smart Water Bottle & App Quenches Your Thirst 1

BluFit, this is the beginning of a fantastic new generation of smart technology in the health and fitness category. Who ever thought that the future would bring smart water bottles?

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Review: Airsleep for iOS 2

Recently I had the chance to review this new application called Airsleep for iOS. It is an amazing application designed for travel (flight) use. It tunes out cabin and flight

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Review: Findables QR Code Social Case 5

  Recently, I had the chance to review the amazing Findables QR Code Social case for my Samsung Galaxy S3. I will admit, there is nothing else like there that

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Google to release Chrome for iOS devices today [Updated] 5

Last year in May, we heard rumors that Google was about to release a version of Chrome for iOS devices like the iPad, iPhone. Today, at the second day of

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