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Intel RealSense, It’s Too Freaking Cool!!! 2

Excited yet? You should be. I’ve just discovered something really cool from Intel called Intel RealSense. At CES 2015, Intel showed off this technology to be mainstream in their new

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Wearables: What’s the right device for you? Will the wearable device trend end in 2015? 1

We live in such a productive society these days, where people are always connected. This can be a great thing, as we are able to stay in constant contact with the

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Top Tech Picks for the 2014 Holiday Season (Tablets, Security and some Fun Gadgets) 3

  Well, it’s almost here! The malls are getting packed, it’s time to buy your holiday gifts! It’s really hard to decide which gifts to buy since there are so many

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What I do to protect myself from cyber attacks at home and in public 2

I don’t know about you, but there are plenty of times I wish I had crystal ball on me, like when I’m buying a lottery ticket or if I’m deciding

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ASUS Transformer Book Diary #2 (Powered by Intel Bay Trail) 1

When I’m travelling, I rely on battery power and performance. Whether it be flying, or busing it using Greyhound, there just isn’t enough room for a huge device. Thankfully, the

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Asus Transformer Book, Powered by Intel Bay Trail – First Impressions 1

I’ve been spending a few weeks with the Asus Transformer Book, provided to me by Intel Canada. Check out my first impressions at the video below. I’m required to disclose

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