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ClickStick, World’s First SMART Eco-Friendly Deodorant 0

Smart deodorant? Two word’s I never thought I’d say together, ever. But in this day and age, everything is going the smart route. Smart phones, smart computers, and now smart

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Pyle’s Bluetooth Fitness Scale Makes It Easy to Track Workout Progress and Accomplish Personal Fitness Goals 0

  Pyle Audio, has just introduced the Bluetooth Fitness Scale (PHLSCBT4) and my oh my does it look sexy. This innovative scale and integrated app are designed to provide the

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BluFit Smart Water Bottle & App Quenches Your Thirst 0

BluFit, this is the beginning of a fantastic new generation of smart technology in the health and fitness category. Who ever thought that the future would bring smart water bottles?

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Your workout just got cooler and smarter with Amiigo 0

  From conception to execution, Utah-based entrepreneurs, Amiigo, developed a Bluetooth low-energy fitness device that will take an ordinary workout experience to the next level.  Amiigo, a sweat-proof fitness bracelet and

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