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Review: Ooma Office, your solution to poor business phone services 0

How many people are on crappy business phone services from major providers? Many. Do you get what you pay for? Probably not. Well, look no more cause Ooma Office is

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Mobile technology becomes a key component of small businesses 0

In a world where technological innovations drive competition in a variety of industries, those that implement emerging tools and procedures are more likely to gain an edge over the rivals

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My experiences at GROW 2014 sponsored by TELUS 1

Thanks to the fine folks at TELUS, I attended the GROW 2014 conference up in Whistler, BC. It was absolutely fantastic! I headed to Whistler via Greyhound and the views

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Review: Findables QR Code Social Case 2

  Recently, I had the chance to review the amazing Findables QR Code Social case for my Samsung Galaxy S3. I will admit, there is nothing else like there that

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