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Sengled Put Their Speaker In Our Lightbulb So Good We Had To Ask Jeeves 6

From the moments that I got my hands on the Sengled Pulse, I fell in love. The shiny red finish just speaks “sexy” and “premium” and that’s definitely what the

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WestOne W10 Review 3

Originally, I planed to do this as a video review, but I thought that you guys would gain more out of a normal review. So today I am going to

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Review: Spirithoods White Tiger HB3 with Built In Speakers 2

Recently I’ve had the chance to review the Spirithoods White Tiger HB3 with Built In Speakers from After appearing on Shark Tank a few weeks ago, the SpiritHoods climbed

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Cambridge Audio Unveils DacMagic XS USB DAC 3

Cambridge Audio has just announced the DacMagic XS which is a pint-sized Digital to Analog Converter that will unlock the full potential of your music and movies. Many might know

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A Game Changer in Snow Sports Audio: Outdoor Tech’s Chips Now Available 3

Skiers and snowboarders listen up, this is for you. Outdoor tech has just announced the availability of the CHIPS, a wireless drop-in audio system that works universally in all helmets with

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Greenwing Audio launches Kickstarter campaign to fund Split, the world’s only ear buds with no strings attached 3

Greenwing Audio announced today the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and awareness for its new product Split, wireless ear buds that work without cables or Bluetooth, providing listeners

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