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Outdoor Technology unveils the Turtle Shell on Kickstarter 0

Another day, another Kickstarter project.It’s a fully-equipped Bluetooth speaker that looks quite rugged. It also has a great selection of mounting accessories so you can listen to your music and

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This is what the iPhone 5 will look like 0

Well, the renders below look legit with the news we have all been hearing regarding the iPhone 5. The site, “nowhereelse” has created some fantastic renders that look real. What

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Microsoft announces Windows 8 retail availability date – October 26, 2012 0

Microsoft has just announced that Windows 8 will be available on October 26th. The announcement came from Steven Sinofsky at Microsoft’s annual sales meeting. Now that there is a firm

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iPhone 5 spotted in Apple recruitment video, is larger than the iPhone 4S 1

Well, well, well.. someone in Apple’s marketing and human resources department just pulled a blunder as the iPhone 5 is shown in their recruitment video. In the video, a bunch

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Upgrading to Windows 8 Pro will be $39.99, Microsoft says 0

Well, well, well.. it seems as Microsoft is going to play hardball with Apple. Microsoft has just announced that an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro from  Windows XP, Windows Vista, or

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Windows Explorer is no more, Windows 8 build 843x images surface 0

  As the RTM announcement in July comes near for Windows 8, we are seeing some small changes starting to be made. The old Windows Explorer will now be renamed

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