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Hearing Improved In A Hearing Man's World

Thanksgiving Dinner is Easy with the Signia Primax Pure 0

It’s been a while since my last post about the Signia Primax Pure. Planning my Digital. 2016 event sure took a lot out of me, but I’m back and ready

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Conferences are a breeze with the Signia Primax Pure 0

A few days ago I attended a conference known as Traction Conference here in Vancouver, BC. This was a loaded conference full of people and it was loud. Luckily for

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Enjoying Vegas with Improved Hearing with the Signia Primax Pure 0

So I’ve just come back from the beautiful Las Vegas, NV where it wasn’t too hot but too cold, it was just the perfect temperature. Las Vegas is known as

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Intense Conversations Improved with the Signia Primax 0

Today is my first day of using the Signia Primax hearing instrument and I am absolutely blown away. Today, I put in my Signia Primax hearing aids and decided to

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