Review: Fonus Unlimited Data, Calling and Texting, It’s REALLY good!

by Jessica Yaniv | June 28, 2020 1:17 pm


For the past 17 years, I have been paying thousands in dollars in mobile/cellular plan fees to TELUS, Rogers, and Fido. The service that we Canadians pay for does not live up to the quality of service we’re supposed to receive. 

Right now, I am paying over $150 a month for two TELUS mobility lines. In total, I get 25 GB of data. I use about 6 GB in 3 days. After some time, I figured out, this isn’t going to work for me.

In addition, I travel A LOT. TELUS EasyRoam is great, but… is it? It actually isn’t.

Canada needs a TRULY unlimited mobile provider. Thankfully, this amazing fellow from Montreal named Simon Tian has come up with an amazing and affordable mobile phone service that works all over North America (and soon globally) for just $30 USD. And it’s called FONUS[1]!

So what do you get for $30 USD / month? Well, remember those data caps? Those are gone. Remember being tied to only a certain amount of calls internationally? Those are gone. Everything is now truly unlimited.

But what about roaming in Canada? Well. Fonus[2] rides off of AT&T as a mobile virtual network. Don’t worry about the complexities here, it really isn’t complicated. Fonus[2] ships you a SIM card that arrives in under a week. You plug it into your unlocked phone, go to, activate it, select an area code (unfortunately porting doesn’t work for Canadian numbers yet, so you’ll get a US number), and boom you have service.

The data speeds are amazing! Personally, I’ve gotten up to 250 MBPS download and 80 MBPS upload on LTE near Vancouver, BC, Canada. Others have gotten around 400 MBPS download, 90 MBPS upload, which is fantastic.

And remember, the data is UNLIMITED!

Calling globally is unlimited too. I make calls to Australia, Ireland, England all the time and there’s no limit. Do you have any idea how much money you can save?

Visual Voicemail is also included for free, as well as international texting.

You get all those amazing AT&T features like AT&T Call Protect, VoiceAssist, Mobile Security, and more all included for $30 USD / month.

My iPhone is like Romeo. FONUS is like Juliet. Together, love happens. Go over to[3] today, order your SIM[4], activate your service now[5], and cancel your boring, overpriced mobile phone plan now!

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