7 Spontaneous Places to Have Sex on Valentine’s Day (Ranked by Risk)

7 Spontaneous Places to Have Sex on Valentine’s Day (Ranked by Risk)
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Valentine’s day is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year, so why does it feel so boring for people in relationships? The typical Valentine’s dinner date can feel cliché and just like any other date night. If you want to spice up your relationship, consider having sex somewhere exciting. These places are sorted by lowest to highest risk level — choose wisely! 

  1. In a hotel room (Lowest risk)
    1. For a low risk, but fun Valentine’s Day night, book a hotel room for the night for you and your partner.
    2. Decorate the room with rose petals and candles.
    3. Experiment with role play by choosing your alter egos and meeting each other at the bar as strangers. 
    4. Bring some kinky sex toys for extra fun. 
  2. In the car
    1. Find a private area with a beautiful view where you can park your car. 
    2. Play some romantic music.
    3. If anyone happens to come by, you’re already in your getaway car.
    4. Be aware that different times of the day offer different risk levels of being caught!
  3. On the roof 
    1. The roof is a great place for sex in the open air while maintaining some privacy. 
    2. Bring some rose petals and candles up there to add some romance. 
    3. Always be mindful of your safety!
  4. At your old high school 
    1. Bring your partner to the football field for some spontaneous public sex. 
    2. This is surprisingly romantic, since you’ll be able to look up at the stars. 
    3. Be mindful about the timing, security guards could be around.
    4. The high school bathroom (if you can get in) might be an option. 
  5. In a public park 
    1. Visit your local park when no one’s around. 
    2. Find a private, covered spot if you want to lower the risk. 
    3. Choose the timing wisely, you can definitely get in trouble if you’re caught! 
  6. On a balcony
    1. This is perfect if you’ll be staying in a hotel for the night. 
    2. Use an umbrella if you still want some coverage.
    3. Wondering if the neighbors will see you increases the mystery and arousal and increases the risk.
  7. In a public pool or hot tub (Highest risk)
    1. Sneaking into a public pool or hot tub will pump you both with adrenaline!
    2. Bring some wine to get you in the mood. 
    3. This is the highest risk for obvious reasons, but no risk no reward, right?

Valentine’s day sex doesn’t have to be in the bedroom. Awaken your adventurous side and try out these spots with your partner. If you want more than just a quickie, pack a premature ejaculation kit to keep the lovemaking going all night long. Have fun and be safe (always remember your condom)! 

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