Videolicious Expands the Sales and Marketing Technology Landscape with New Category: Video Automation

by Jessica Simpson | January 2, 2019 5:00 pm

Videolicious Bridges Gap Between Sales and Marketing Automation with End-to-End Video Solution; Creates, Delivers and Measures Personalized Video Communications at Scale

NEW YORK, Jan. 03, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Videolicious[1], the pioneer of video automation for enterprise b2b sales and marketing organizations, today announces the introduction of a new market category into the sales and marketing technology stack: video automation. Until now, video’s representation in the marketing tech stack has been limited to single-use video tools. Videolicious’ end-to-end platform lays the groundwork for video companies to drive full process automation in the same vain as sales and marketing automation.

Videolicious is currently empowering leading organizations such as IBM, SAP, and Verizon, to bolster sales and marketing funnel conversions through video at scale. The platform is aimed at supporting enterprise organizations across industries, who seek to leverage automated video to increase pipeline opportunities and value per customer, accelerate closings and differentiate themselves from competitors, at scale.

As more b2b organizations rely on marketing and sales automation solutions to operate effectively, they’re simultaneously beginning to hinder their best asset— their people. Video automation addresses this gap in the marketing tech stack to enable organizations to maintain the element of human connection in the age of automation. With Videolicious, sales and marketing teams can leverage the power of employee personalities and existing brand assets, to create compelling video-based sales and marketing messages in a matter of seconds.

“Automation technology has made businesses more efficient and employees more productive, but it’s also created a lot of noise in marketplace that has impacted the ability to reach audiences in a meaningful way,” said Videolicious Co-Founder and CEO, Matt Singer. “Videolicious allows individuals across organizations to fully utilize their personality, knowledge and relationships to break through that noise, as well as fully understand the measurable impact both their teams and video are having on the sales cycle and revenue.”

Videolicious brings together automated video creation, custom messaging, branding, performance analytics and viewer insights, all into a single proprietary platform. The company is building an entirely new ecosystem, where video is a central part of the sales and marketing tech-stack. Organizations leveraging the platform have experienced a 267% increase in response rates to their outbound communications, along with a 129% increase in click rates on their videos.

Videolicious recently announced the issuance of the company’s second patent[2] which protects the platform’s deep video content analytics that power a heatmap that informs recommendations for optimizing video messages to increase the intended audience behaviors. The company’s first patent, granted in 2012, protects its “Talk and Tap” video creation methodology, which allows users to insert secondary video content into new video, while recording, and control where it appears in the resulting video.

Videolicious’s video automation solution represents an 11-year evolution of what began as a video creation, delivery and analysis tool for organizations with heavy media and communications needs. In 2016 the company narrowed its focus to b2b organizations and expanded its toolset to include visualization of user engagement and optimization capabilities. In 2018 and 2019, Videolicious will formalize a partnership program, dedicated to integrating with other player across the sales, marketing and compliance teach stack, such as Salesloft, ThetaLake and SendBloom, and growing a broad video automation ecosystem.

About Videolicious
Videolicious is the pioneer of video automation, transforming personalities into powerful messages for enterprise b2b sales and marketing organizations. We bring together automated video technology, custom messaging and branding, performance analytics and viewer insights, all in a single platform. This arms individuals—organization-wide— with scalable, personalized outreach and real-time feedback and analytics to optimize their communications. Videolicious is used by some of the world’s best-known organizations, including IBM, SAP, and Verizon, to increase customer value, accelerate pipeline opportunities and achieve competitive differentiation.

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