How to Use Nvidia’s Desktop App to Improve Your Gaming Experience

How to Use Nvidia’s Desktop App to Improve Your Gaming Experience
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As a PC gamer, you are probably familiar with Nvidia, the company well known for creating impressively powerful GPUs that are capable of running polygon-based games. Nvidia commands 17.5 percent of the Graphical Processing Unit market, meaning that many PC gamers have their hands on their products. If you have one of their GeForce GTX graphics cards in your gaming PC, do yourself a favor and download their Nvidia GeForce Experience desktop app.

The application has been around for a couple of years, but few PC gamers have unleashed its full potential. In order to blast your enemies into next year, here are a few things to do to achieve the true Nvidia GeForce Experience.


Confirm Your Specs


While this tip does not directly add fun to your gaming experience, it does show you the potential gaming fun you could be enjoying. The GeForce Experience app’s general section features a place where you can view your gaming PC’s specs.

This is not a unique feature since you can use plenty of OS-specific tools to view your computer’s hardware specs. The specs available on GeForce Experience app allow you to see whether your machine meets the minimum requirements for Virtual Reality, In-Game Overlay, Game Optimization, and GameStream.


Install Game Ready Drivers


There is nothing more frustrating for PC gamers than purchasing the latest game only to have to deal with crashes and below-par performance on boot up. Fortunately, in partnership with developers, Nvidia goes a step further to create game ready drivers. According to Nvidia, these drivers have several benefits including performance boosting, bugs fixing and general gaming experience improvements.

The software, GeForce Experience, automatically tells you any time game ready drivers are available for download. You can get them by clicking the Check for Updates button and installing necessary drivers. Even better, these drivers are usually available before a game is released to the market so you can prepare your PC.


Play with GameStream


While Nvidia is wildly popular as the manufacturer of some of the most powerful GPUs, it has also dabbed into the world of creating game-related hardware. The perfect example is the Nvidia Shield TV, which is a media player for streaming HDR-enhanced, 4K videos to a big-screen TV. However, did you know that you could use the same technology for playing PC games in the living room?

The Nvidia GeForce Experience software on your gaming PC can help by streaming your favorite games to your television. All you have to do is open the app on the PC, register the Shield TV and ensure that both devices are registered on the same network. However, streaming games requires a fast and reliable network connection, something you can achieve by upgrading your network devices and see if DD-WRT might be a good fit for your router.


Investigate ShadowPlay


Nvidia’s tech, ShadowPlay, allows you to perform several video-based actions. The tech lets you broadcast your play sessions, share gameplay screenshots and videos, and even features an Instant Replay mode. ShadowPlay’s new feature, Highlights, automatically recognizes and captures video footage of your best in-game moments.

ShadowPlay Highlight is compatible with several popular PC game titles on the market, including PUBG and Metal Gear Survive. All you need to do is click Alt and Z to customize the video broadcasting settings. While there, you can also choose to connect to your favorite social media, change video frame rate, bit rate and the video resolution.


Run Freestyle


The Nvidia Freestyle beta feature lets you apply Instagram like filters to your gaming sessions during play. You can tweak the video’s saturation or color, or even use the incredibly handy HDR filter for a better visual experience.

Freestyle works with supported games for deep compatibility at the level of drivers. Make sure you see the list of Freestyle compatible games on Nvidia’s site and ensure your favorite titles are in there.


Optimize Game Settings


If you have purchased a high-end gaming computer with a Nvidia GPU, it shows that you really care about game optimization. GeForce Experience helps optimize your PC’s settings in accordance to the game you are running – thanks to Nvidia’s cloud data center. These configurations offer you the perfect balance between graphics and system performance, depending on what is available on your unit.

More than 500 games are supported for game optimization, including Resident Evil 7, Deliverance, Stardew Valley, and Project Cars. To initialize the optimization process, simply click the Optimize icon – you can also set the software to optimize your PC automatically for newly added games.


Use Ansel for In-Game Pictures


Ansel is Nvidia’s in-game picture capture tool that works with various PC games on the market. The application allows you to capture screenshots, rotate views for dramatic cam photos and even capture 360-degree panorama images for virtual reality use.

The Ansel feature also allows capturing of super resolution screenshots. The photos, in the tens of thousands pixels range, have no anti-aliasing for incredible details.

Unfortunately, Ansel is only available to gamers with GeForce GTX 680M model and later graphics card, Windows 7, 8 or 10, and 4GB RAM. In addition, this technology only works with a few games on the market, but this is a situation that is likely to change any time now.


Join the Beta Program


One of the best ways of getting in on new Nvidia GeForce Experience features is by getting into their beta program. Open settings in the app and select enable experimental features tab. The beta program lets you in on new features as well as a chance to offer important feedback in regards to their development.



In addition to PC gamers, Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics cards are also a popular choice for thirsty cryptominers. It is easy to download the software from the Nvidia website. The application contains a host of tools that will help you gain the power to save a kingdom and knuckle down opponents – while sharing the special moments with everyone who cares.

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