New teen driver technology reduces distracted driving

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Raven Connected protects and tracks your young driver

OTTAWA, Sept. 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today Klashwerks announced that parents can take advantage of new connected car technology to keep their teens safer. In response to studies that show the first year of driving is the most dangerous for any young driver, Raven’s features include immediate alerts on bad driving habits, crash notifications, complete driving reports and 24/7 remote live video check-ins from your phone and computer. Raven Connected keeps a watchful eye over your teenage driver for as low as $30/mo for 12 months.

Raven tracks activity. A need for speed may seem like fun to a teenager, but creates a more dangerous road ahead, especially with a novice behind the wheel. Even at a distance, parents can find out when their vehicle is being driven carelessly. If so, they can take steps to correct the behaviour.

Raven keeps watch. The temptation to drive distracted can be difficult to resist, especially for a generation that has grown up with technology at its fingertips. Parents can keep an eye on the car to monitor their teen driver and will know if their attention wanders from the road.

Raven informs immediately. An anxious parent awaiting confirmation that their teenager has arrived at their destination safely can stay up to date about anything that happens along the way and be put at ease when the car is finally parked.

Russell Ure, co-founder and CEO of Klashwerks, stated, “It was my own experience as a parent – concerned for my daughter on icy winter roads – that really fuelled the desire to reduce the anxiety parents have during what should be an exciting milestone in a young person’s life.”

Vehicle collisions are the leading cause of death in teenagers. With 6 out of 10 crashes caused by a distracted driver, parents are right to worry when their children get behind the wheel. Raven allows parents of new drivers to locate, monitor and coach their teenagers as they start to navigate the road.

“Raven gives me the ability to see what I couldn’t see before – that my teenager is OK when they are out on the road. It’s not about spying on them. It’s about both of us being accountable to the commitment we made when they got their graduated license. I committed to train them to be a responsible driver, including obeying the rules of the road, as well as provide a safe environment for them to develop their experience. In turn, they committed to follow the rules of the road and to be cooperative in the care of the vehicle they drive. Raven helps hold us both accountable while giving us the peace of mind that if anything were to happen, we can review it together,” said Josh Biggley, a beta user.

Young driver at the wheel? One low monthly fee lets you hand over the keys with confidence.

Raven Connected is now available for purchase for as low as $30/mo at Along with the Raven device, the purchase comes with a year of Raven Basic service and a risk-free 30-day test drive.

About Raven
The window to your car from anywhere, the Raven device allows drivers to monitor road conditions, auto security and the whereabouts of loved ones. A vital tool both on and off the road, Raven is the only comprehensive connected car solution on the market for consumers. More than a point solution, it integrates into a single product a number of technologies, including: a 4G LTE-based, always-connected system; in-auto video cameras; telematics-capturing OBD; Wi-Fi and Bluetooth; GPS; displays; security system and motion sensors; and shareable video and media. Raven is available for purchase at

About Klashwerks
Klashwerks is an engineering design and technology company focused on the emerging connected car market. The company’s flagship product, Raven, is the first of many products to come in Klashwerks’ automotive consumer lineup based on the premise of safety and family first. Led by co-founder and CEO Russell Ure, Klashwerks was established in 2016 and is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. For more information, please visit

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