Game Consoles Going the Way of the Dinosaur

Game Consoles Going the Way of the Dinosaur
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Can you believe that dinosaurs were the rulers of this planet a few million years ago? Honestly speaking it would have been pretty great to share the earth with such marvellous creatures. Arguably the Tyrannosaurus Rex has been a fan favourite of all dinosaurs.

In this article, we are going to focus on video games that have featured dinosaurs. Gaming is one of the most exciting forms of entertainment for adults and kids. So it would be pretty disappointing if there was never a dinosaur video game.

The Top Video Games Today Featuring Dinosaurs

For one, game consoles and dinosaur games are more common than you would think. While you can always try out the latest sports or action games, it is no secret that many people like to play games like the Jurassic Park, whether it be an action based one or one where you have to take care of the parksthemselves.


The following list features some of the best dinosaur games of all time.

  1. Jurrasic World Evolution

The movie Jurrasic Park evokes a lot of memorable scenes. Jurrasic world evolution took all the associations from the movie into a brazen adventure. For a dino enthusiast, the gamer can find a middle ground between the mechanics of the entire dino system.

The game starts with a warning from Dr Ian Malcolm voiced by Jeff Goldblum. He immediately warns you of the impending danger and drops you to one of the games first main islands. All you have to do is to construct and maintain your new perk with all the species. If you do so,then you canunlock othermain islands.

Jurrasic World Evolution captures the essence of Jurrasic Park. Though towards the end the game loses focus.

  1. Offroad Velociraptor Safari

This is an exciting 3D game that let’s one walk in a park full of dinosaurs. As a gamer, you have a task to collect not only coinsbut also dinosaurs. Then you are supposed to take the dinosaurs to the game park.

Sound easy? Well because the entire game is simple. Moreover, as a gamer, you don’t have to register for the game, because you have the option of signing as a guest.

  1. Primal Rage

Primal was one of those game that had some good content but ended up failing miserably. The game was released when the digitized graphics were dying.

Primals rage featured a unique roster of fighters in which each player was a dinosaur. The game became one of the most popular Mortal Kombats. The game featured a well-thought story such as completely having the ability to devour human competitors. This would enable you to go on and conquer the new Urth.

However, the plug was pulled on the game when developing Primal Rage 2. But the gaming didn’t exactly look nearly as good. The game did not come close to matching up to the arcade visually. The dinosaurs were half the monsters they were in Arcades. But it remainsstrong in the Genesis.

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