Facebook Chooses TreSensa as Playable Ad Partner

by Jessica Yaniv | August 1, 2018 2:39 pm

NEW YORK, Aug. 02, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Providing the most actionable and effective ad formats to marketers is one of the most important ways Facebook empowers them to succeed. In response to the continued growth of in-app volume and capability, Facebook has launched the highly interactive and conversion-driving playable ad format[1] with TreSensa.

“Facebook is an incredible innovator and we are thrilled to partner with them for playables,” said Rob Grossberg, CEO of TreSensa. “Having launched the first HTML5 playable ad in 2012 – and continuously evolving the format for maximum performance ever since – I am confident both Facebook customers and consumers will see playables as a valuable part of the Facebook platform.”

Glu Mobile trusted TreSensa to build and deploy their in-feed Facebook playable for Tap Sports Baseball 2018[2], generating unprecedented results including 40% reduction in the cost per purchase versus video.

“Playables are an integral part of our user acquisition strategy and the fact that we can now run playables across Facebook is a game changer,” said John Parides, Director of User Acquisition for Glu Mobile. “TreSensa helps us create, target and optimize quality playables that deliverer great results.”

TreSensa playables are highly engaging, responsive and data-optimized in-app ads that yield on average a 2x to 4x lift in lifetime value versus mobile banner and video. By combining advanced targeting and first party data with compelling creative, TreSensa playables attract and captivate the most relevant and ready-to-play / pay consumers. 

Facebook consumers can now experience the most compelling elements of a game or app directly in their Facebook feed, driving installs from truly interested and pre-qualified people that convert more quickly to high lifetime value users.

A proven format for ensuring maximum return on spend, TreSensa playables can be easily distributed to 2+ billion users on popular social, sports, entertainment, and gaming apps including Facebook, Google UAC, SnapChat, MoPub and more.

Read the full Facebook announcement here[3] and learn about the complete TreSensa Playable design, distribution and data platform[4] which empowers app install and brand advertisers to easily and much more effectively engage consumers on mobile.

About TreSensa
TreSensa is the leading provider of in-app playable advertising. A proven format for ensuring maximum return on spend, TreSensa Playables can be easily distributed to 2+ billion users on popular social, sports, entertainment, and gaming apps including Facebook, Google UAC, SnapChat, MoPub and more. TreSensa’s complete design, distribution, and data platform offers app install and brand marketers extensive playable creative and development capabilities, an advanced real time bidding engine with 100% transparent data and robust reporting, as well as seamless distribution that ensures your mobile ads reach actual people, and not pixels. With the ability to dynamically optimize creative and targeting in real time, TreSensa drives performance that correlates to real-world outcomes including 3x lift in lifetime value versus banner and video and 27% average engagement rates.

Facebook® is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.

Catherine Hepler
[email protected][5] 

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