Tempered Networks’ New IoT Edge to Multi-Cloud Solution Makes WAN Segmentation Simple

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New solutions bring plug-n-play simplicity for IoT edge deployments and extends micro-segmentation and peering across all major cloud providers with Zero Trust Cloud Gateways

SEATTLE, June 25, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Tempered Networks, Inc., the pioneer of Identity Defined Networking (IDN), today announced new software and hardware enhancements that expand its award-winning IDN platform. Building on the company’s mission to make universal connectivity and segmentation simple, the enhancements make it even easier to create Zero Trust Overlay Networks without having to modify existing network or security infrastructure. Tempered Networks delivers new IDN innovations that enable secure transitive peering from the IoT edge to all major cloud providers–reducing network provisioning time by 97% while eliminating network attack vectors.

This comprehensive IDN release enables instant connectivity for IoT endpoints, extends support to all major Linux distributions and containers, and adds support for Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud platforms to create the simplest and most secure means to connect and protect from the IoT Edge to the Cloud. This release includes support for transparent multi-factor end-user authentication and authorization enabling the simple creation of zero trust workgroup networks that cannot be violated by unauthorized users and devices.

Tempered Networks’ IDN architecture unifies networking and security to deliver borderless connectivity, device access control and identity-based security for all endpoints across the LAN, WAN, and all major cloud providers. IDN offers the industry’s most comprehensive and extensible overlay network architecture that makes it simple for customers to connect, protect, and micro-segment any device, workload, or IoT endpoint regardless of network or location. Unlike other alternatives, with IDN policy, enforcement is based on verifiable cryptographic identities for workloads and cannot be spoofed.

New IDN solution highlights include:

HIPswitch for Microsoft Azure and HIPswitch for Google Cloud – Zero Trust Cloud Gateways

  • Moves the network boundary, security perimeter, and policy enforcement from the cloud or cluster manager to the HIPswitch gateway, creating a simple and common architecture to provide transparent workload authentication, cloaking, encryption, and universal peering–down to the container level.
  • DevOps teams can now create a simpler, more predictable, and consistent cloud architecture that frees workloads and data to seamlessly move within and between clouds as well as between on-premises workloads (adds to the company’s existing AWS platform support).

HIPswitch 75 Appliance – Zero Trust IoT Edge Gateway

  • New palm-sized appliance enables any new or legacy IoT endpoint to securely join a zero-trust overlay network in seconds without modifying existing infrastructure, providing instant micro-segmentation and cloaking.
  • Unique plug-and-play secure WAN connectivity makes it simple and non-disruptive to connect, segment, and protect IoT deployments located anywhere, at a tenth of the cost of less secure, spoofable alternatives.

HIPserver Linux Support – Zero Trust Infrastructure as Code

  • The new HIPserver for Linux simplifies networking and security while eliminating attack vectors and common errors associated with cloud routers, VPNs, and firewalls which can expose sensitive cloud resources to the public Internet and can’t prevent lateral attacks.
  • DevOps teams can create a simple platform-agnostic architecture to instantly spin up zero trust networks to securely peer between instances, zones, regions, and multi-cloud environments that cannot be violated by any unauthorized workloads or devices.
  • Cloud network boundary restrictions are eliminated and enable transitive peering (instance-to-instance). DevOps teams can easily integrate, backup, move and protect previously non-routable workloads and data within and between clouds. All instances remain private and accessible only by other authorized workloads regardless of their location.

Windows HIPclient User Authentication – Zero Trust Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Users

  • New HIPclient enhancements add user authentication and authorization to the HIPclient’s existing device and network authorization functions enabling MFA (what you have and what you know). Private zero trust overlay networks for workgroups can now be created instantly and revoked just as quickly overcoming the traditional complexity, mobility, and security limitations of VPNs.
  • DevOps teams, network, and security administrators can easily create segmented peer-to-peer workgroup access that cannot be spoofed or violated spanning any network boundary without having to change existing network or security infrastructure. Secure access is allowed only by cryptographically authenticated and authorized devices combined with user credentials creating segmented enforcement.
  • This technology is ideal for any organization that wants to secure their intellectual property, create private out-of-band management networks for network and security personnel, or protect sensitive financial or management data.


“At L.A. Pacific University we pride ourselves on our innovative approach to delivering online education; offering students and faculty a richer, flexible, and more secure learning environment,” said Brigham Freeth, Assistant Director of Development and IT Operations at L.A. Pacific University. “To maintain our competitive edge and our promise of affordable education, reducing IT complexity is imperative. With an aggressive schedule to standup new online services and not be tied to a particular cloud platform, we worked with Tempered Networks to achieve our hybrid cloud networking goals. With Tempered’s Zero Trust Networking and simple orchestration, we not only gain incredible efficiency, but also optimize resource availability while significantly reducing our attack surface. Using alternative IT technologies, I would need at least 10 additional staff just to set up and manage the connectivity, segmentation, ACLs, Certs, IPSec tunnels, firewalls, etc.”

“Unlike devices like laptops, servers, and smartphones, the lack of industry standards across the growing array of IoT devices has created a new level of networking complexity and unpredictability,” said Steve Brasen, research director at industry analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates. “This, combined with the fragility of IP networking, exasperates the difficulty and prolongs deployment times. Coping with dissimilar architectures and controls between cloud providers, data centers, on-premises, IoT, and remote environments is a recipe for new attack vectors and escalating costs. Tempered Networks makes all networks look and behave like one private and protected broadcast domain. The real payoff for customers is Tempered Networks’ focus on manageability and granular access control that can be easily automated.”

“CIOs are getting increasingly frustrated with lengthy provisioning times and security spending that’s ineffective, along with escalating headcount costs,” said Erik Giesa, VP of Products at Tempered Networks. “The root of the problem is that IT and DevOps teams have to treat every network environment as its own broadcast domain, with separate security controls, namespaces, and network policies. DevOps teams, for example, rely on infrastructure as code, but container networking across cloud boundaries, segmentation, and access control are based on non-verifiable attributes like IP addresses which prevent simple, secure, and segmented connectivity between cloud workloads and containers. With Tempered Networks’ new HIPswitch and HIPserver software, the network boundary and security perimeter are moved from the cloud or cluster manager to the VM, container, or host itself, providing unprecedented peering flexibility and security. For the first time, workloads can be consistently networked, segmented, and secured from the IoT edge to any major cloud with remarkable speed and simplicity.”

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