Cytta Corp. Launches First Commercial Application for Its Proprietary SUPR™ Compression Technology Aboard the SUPR™ Live 4K Streaming Drone

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Los Angeles, CA, June 25, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Cytta Corp. (OTCPINK:CYCA), is pleased to announce that they have successfully flown and tested a drone incorporating and demonstrating its first commercial application of the proprietary SUPR™ compression technology, by wirelessly delivering  a live 4K feed.  

“A live video feed, at a 4K resolution, using a small processor has never been achieved wirelessly. Not only does it raise the bar for obvious uses in the film, television and live entertainment industries, it demonstrates the commercial viability of a wide range of industrial applications for the SUPR™ Compression algorithm.” stated Gary Campbell, CEO of Cytta Corp.

The Cytta Labs SUPR™ Live 4K Streaming Drone carries the fully powered 4K+ video encoder in a miniaturized onboard computational system. The SUPR™ Live 4K Streaming Drone compresses the 4K video in real time and wirelessly delivers network quality 4K+ video in real time to the Cytta Cloud. The SUPR™ Live 4K Streaming Drone works in an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), on a dashboard or as a wearable device letting you wirelessly stream live 4K video from anywhere.

The Cytta Labs SUPR™ Compression is up to 100x faster than existing codecs at any compression ratio (lossless or lossy). SUPR™ has higher perceived and measured video/image quality, when compared to the best UHD compression methods: AVC/H264, HEVC/H265, or VP9. SUPR™ (Superior Utilization Processing Resources) is a paradigm shifting compression algorithm that delivers lossless and lossy video/image compression solutions. It has been designed and optimized for compressing 4K and higher resolution video/image content. It delivers lower bitrates and smaller file sizes without sacrificing viewing quality, speed or requiring traditionally large computational resources.

The Company has previously extensively demonstrated the technology at a premier defense contractor’s testing and evaluation facility. Live 4K Action Filming and Monitoring for Television and Movie production is now made possible. To build upon these successful results Cytta and its licensee have been working diligently on:

  • The first integration of the SUPR™ technology into a specially designed autonomous, extreme high-resolution, over the horizon, video reconnaissance drone.
  • Live 4K streaming of security, surveillance and news on a large scale such as guarding perimeters, viewing live sports events, and large public gatherings.
  • The SUPR™ Drone is capable of high resolution, no latency, video streaming for mission-critical applications required by First Responders, Fire and Police units.
  • Optimizing the solution for Live Event 4K streaming for Concerts, Races and Sporting events.

SUPR™ Compression is patented in all major markets with a direct licensing model. Cytta Corp.  has begun licensing and sublicensing the technology for different applications and regions globally to create a residual revenue model for the company. Proprietary Intellectual Properties in this sector have a wide range of commercial applications and the potential to generate significant returns.

About Cytta Corp
Cytta Corp.’s is in the business of imagineering, developing and securing disruptive technologies.  Cytta utilizes these technologies to build specific content collection, storage and communication solutions for use by enterprise level organizations that can implement the technologies into their specific industry segments. Specifically, Cytta Corp. develops and integrates technologies in the smartphone, compression and mobile broadband and telecom markets. In keeping with this goal, Cytta has developed the EvrCare™ platform to address the market need for a complete and comprehensive telecom-based monitoring, evaluation and interpretation solution to manage a wide range of biometric data, including ECGs, within military, consumer, wellness and healthcare markets. Utilizing its SUPR™ compression technology Cytta, through their Licensee, has finished the design, build and integration of the SUPR™ compression technology into its first operational product in the 4K+ video compression marketplace utilizing a drone.  Complementing these capabilities, Cytta’s new Wi-VHFi™ broadband technology, gives us the capability of moving broadband signals in a significantly more efficient manner than other broadband technologies.  This Wi-VHFi™ technology extends the range and capabilities of how information is delivered throughout the world.  Ultimately our technologies are all capable of interfacing to create a new communications paradigm

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