United Fiber & Data Announces Fiber Line Will be Completed in 2018

by Jessica Yaniv | May 7, 2018 6:06 pm

YORK, Pa., May 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — UFD is proud to announce that we are completing our 350-mile fiber optic network in 2018. We have purpose-built a diverse, westerly route between New York City, NY and Ashburn, VA. UFD has also created a lateral of our backbone to Secaucus, NJ, landing in the newest Equinix campus. The UFD network is the newest, lowest latency and the most direct connection between Equinix’s Secaucus campus and their Ashburn campus.

“We take pride in offering facilities with the best network connectivity in the world, and our customers have come to depend on that,” states Jim Poole, Vice President, Global Ecosystem Development at Equinix. “Our New York and Ashburn IBX data centers are used by some of the largest and most important companies across a variety of verticals. Our work with UFD to provide this much needed modern fiber deployment that is purpose-built and diverse, will enable a much more robust alternative to connect these two vital regions.”

We have chosen a high count cable for our entire backbone which we own and operate. This will allow for UFD to offer high count fiber to users with a need for such capacity of dark fiber to be leased for transferring mass quantities of data.

“UFD is looking forward to offering its customers the diversity they have been seeking for their networks”, said Andrew M. Paxton, President and General Counsel at UFD. “As more companies are requiring multiple alternative paths for their data transit needs, UFD’s new network fills that role being a greenfield build with low-latency and physically diverse from its competitors.”

About United Fiber & Data, LLC
United Fiber & Data is an operating communications infrastructure enterprise delivering long-haul, multi-state fiber optic transmission. UFD will provide high-capacity pathway diversity and data storage redundancy far from the congestion and single points of failure associated with the I-95/Amtrak corridor. UFD has completed more than 125 miles of its high-count cable in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, which includes an extensive backbone in Lower Manhattan. UFD plans to complete the entire diverse backbone by the end of 2018. This $30mm purpose-built fiber network will service underserved rural communities between New York and Washington, D.C., as well as providing pathway diversity to the congested I-95 corridor. For more information, visit www.UFD.com.

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