Meet Joiiin, the social app that’s designed to help battle smartphone addiction

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Jan. 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Joiiin is a new social app that brings you online so you can get offline. Joiiin helps people strike balance between technology and life by connecting people who want to go on outdoor adventures like hiking, skiing, or snowshoeing with other adventure buddies.

In a world overflowing with technology and an ever busier pace of life, Joiiin uses technology to get people off the phone and reclaim their life, by turning digital friends and experiences into real world fun.

Emerging tech companies have given us limitless ways to connect digitally, but many people are beginning to question the addictive nature of these technologies. Tech addiction results in us disconnecting from what’s going on around us and inside of us. Joiiin has something different to offer.

Usually when a new app launches it means more time spent staring at a smartphone and less time spent experiencing the world. Current social apps are addictive because they are fuelled by the attention economy. Joiiin is different because it’s fuelled by the experience economy. Therefore, they measure success by how much fun their members have while participating in activities they find on Joiiin.

“We created Joiiin to help people live happier, more enjoyable lives. Science has proven that spending time with friends, or time in nature can reduce stress and increase happiness,” says founder Dustin Vioen. “The problem is, we don’t have the tools that make that easy. That’s why we created Joiiin.”

Mobile technology is a powerful tool and right now it is being used to keep people scrolling. Joiiin plans to reverse this by using technology to connect people with the outdoors, their communities, local activities, and new friends. Joiiin is on a mission to connect people to places, get people away from the screen, and put them face to face.

About Joiiin App
Joiiin App is a Vancouver based startup focused on helping the world have more fun by connecting people to unforgettable experiences with like-minded people, in-person. Founded in 2016*, Joiiin is currently in Beta and will become fully available to the public in 2018.

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Lyda Mclallen
Joiiin App
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