Code and Craft Augmented Reality Powers Next-Gen Fashion Experiences

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NEW YORK, Dec. 14, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Code and Craft, a technology company that specializes in augmented and virtual reality experiences, today announced the launch of its AR Product Catalog, the first fashion-focused mobile app that leverages photorealistic 3D scanning services. Now, for the first time, users can virtually showcase an entire collection from an iPad or iPhone utilizing Apple’s ARKit technology. Code and Craft detailed photorealistic models create the closest representation to a physical product and enable customers to interact with samples just as they would in real life. The new release changes the normal course of business for brands by replacing the need for costly in-person travel, numerous product samples, or poor-quality line sheets, with a life-like 3D online showroom experience.

Maggy London International, a premier women’s apparel brand, is currently piloting the Code and Craft technology. The Maggy London Virtual Product Catalog is designed to enable sales associates to digitally render products to customers. The solution integrates into Maggy London’s ERP system, providing detail about item popularity and performance across key retail markets.

“Fashion is a high-touch industry and it is critical that the technology we use creates compelling experiences for our customers,” said, Jonathan Lefkowitz, COO of Maggy London International. “The Code and Craft AR solution allows us to stay ahead of the curve with a solution that outperforms any existing technology in terms of accuracy and detail. By enabling our sales associates to quickly showcase product lines and replicate the showroom experience, we will ultimately reduce the cost of sales and shorten the sales cycle.”

“We’re looking to revolutionize the way the fashion industry addresses the ‘touch and feel’ mentality. As larger companies invest in future solutions that allow people to ‘try on products,’ we are focused on delivering value today. Combining mobile AR and our photorealistic scanning services, we empower our customers with the ability to digitally render life-like products on mobile devices from wherever they are,” said Gwan Yip, chief product officer and co-founder of Code and Craft.

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Headquartered in New York City, Code and Craft is an augmented reality and virtual reality company that delivers business solutions to the fashion industry. The company’s proprietary technology allows brands to save money and shorten sales cycles by creating compelling virtual showrooms and catalogs. For more information, please visit,

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