Does HMD Think That Smartphones Have Become Cameras?

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When you go on holiday, you can use your Apple Wallet to produce your boarding passes to get onto the plane, when you want to enjoy some gaming on the go, whether it’s poker, blackjack, or even 30 seconds on Snake, you can look to your smartphone for a whole host of great options, and if you want to get in touch with one of your friends, you can call, text or use one of the many other communicative means included on your smartphone. 

Essentially, this shows that a smartphone can be used to perform a huge variety of every day, important tasks in addition to recreation like watching movies and playing poker, which makes the fact that HMD have decided to release the Nokia 8 with an entire marketing campaign based around the fact it is a camera seem slightly ludicrous.

The World of the Bothie

Sadly, North America won’t get the chance to enjoy this camera (sorry, smartphone), but what this model will bring to Europe is the chance to revolutionize the way that you take a selfie… because that’s what people have been crying out for, right?!

The new phone introduces the world of the bothie. The brilliant 13-megapixel camera the phone boasts will allow users to overcome that significant challenge previously experienced, of the selfie camera not always being as high quality as the camera on the back of the phone. It’s a safe bet to say that not everyone is a fan of the idea, and it seems a strange choice to base a phone marketing campaign around this new functionality when all smartphones now come with pretty incredible cameras as standard. 

Nokia has previously struck gold with arguably the greatest phone of all time, the 3310, but this latest release presents a company struggling to cope with the changes in the market since selling their mobile phone business to Microsoft, who seem to have continued their exploits with the Nokia 8. 

Poker Face Practice? What Use for the Bothie?

Arguably the best use for the bothie is to let users practice their poker face when watching incidents unfold. The concept clearly works well as a way to gauge reactions to events and might help those who are interested in playing at the poker table to become the next Annette Obrestad, who once famously won a professional Texas Hold’em poker tournament looking at her cards only once looking at her cards. 

In this sense, perhaps gamers attending home poker games, whether playing Texas Hold’em or Omaha, could use the bothie to film their reaction to hands and events to improve their gameplay in the future. While this might well be a useful application, the fact is that the ease of playing poker on mobile devices means that those who want to improve their gaming skills would be better off investing in an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy to enjoy a better all-round smartphone experience, and one with the graphics and operating speed that would do poker games offered by operators like 888 justice.

Indeed, while the addition of a great camera, especially one that can do new and interesting things, should not be completely mocked, the fact is that HMD seem to have got it wrong by choosing to pile all of their metaphorical betting chips on the camera when creating their latest Nokia phone.

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