Sengled Put Their Speaker In Our Lightbulb So Good We Had To Ask Jeeves

by Jessica Yaniv | October 2, 2017 7:16 pm

From the moments that I got my hands on the Sengled Pulse, I fell in love. The shiny red finish just speaks “sexy” and “premium” and that’s definitely what the Sengled Pulse kit delivers.

It’s packaged beautifully and super easy to set up. It’s built to last, it’s not made cheap and you can tell. The kit comes with a master and a satellite. Pairing is easy as 1-2-3, literally. ¬†Screw it in, flick your light switch and it turns on and beeps to let you know it’s paired.

The bulb is an LED bulb providing 600 lumens. It has a JBL loudspeaker driven by a 13 watt amp. Color temperature cannot be changed on the bulb, so you’re suck with a gorgeous 2700K.

The speakers deliver beautiful highs and beautiful lows, you’ll think you have a system that’s worth thousands. Incredibly impressed.

The only downside? The bulbs are enormous and designed for floodlight canisters. I wish they could pack all that awesomeness inside of a smaller form factor. Knowing Sengled, they’ll probably release a Sengled Pulse “Mini” at CES 2018, stay tuned for that!

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