Sensibill announces award-winning data insights tool for banks, Pulse

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TORONTO, Oct. 02, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — At FinovateFall in New York, Sensibill shared their vision for personalization in banking with a demonstration of their new data insights tool, Pulse. Sharing the stage with over 70 industry leaders, Sensibill’s cutting-edge technology earned the crowd’s favor and won the “Best of Show” award.

Pulse builds off of Sensibill’s Receipts solution to map customers’ purchases to psychographic traits, like attitudes, lifestyles, and preferences. The tool, which is a personalization-enabler as well as a business intelligence tool, augments transaction and cardholder data with receipt data to create an end-to-end view of customers’ spending behavior. The solution is intended to help financial institutions refine their customer profiles into more unique segments, derive actionable insights about them, and ultimately power personalization efforts.

“Tech giants, like Amazon and Netflix, have set a new precedent for personalization. Customers expect recommendations for services and products that are uniquely suited to their interests or needs. These expectations extend to their banks, too. It’s critical then that banks move away from broad customer typologies if they want to deliver personalized experiences. Sensibill helps them break that mold,” said Corey Gross, CEO and Co-Founder at Sensibill.

What can banks expect with Pulse?
Beyond improving the bank’s targeting and marketing efforts, the tool can be used to optimize decision-making across business departments and explore new value propositions for customers. The tool intends to drive business for financial institutions in various ways, including but not limited to:

  • Increasing share of wallet. Visibility into off-card behavior helps banks understand when customers prefer cash or a competitor’s card. Banks can use this intel to create retention incentives for disaffected customers and become their primary card providers.
  • Retaining the most profitable/valuable customers. With a 360-degree view of customers’ payment behavior, banks can more accurately evaluate customers’ profitability, price sensitivity, and long-term value.
  • Identifying life stage events. Certain products are patently linked to life stage events with financial consequences. Banks can position themselves to address these needs.
  • Improved pipeline management. Banks can better identify customers who would benefit from different accounts, services or products and migrate those customers accordingly (i.e. a SME customer using personal banking).
  • Discovering new segments. For example, freelance workers are an emerging market with unique spending behavior and financial needs.

In addition to product innovations, Sensibill is extending its services to more banks in the United States through their partnership with FIS – the world’s largest global provider of financial technology solutions. “We’re really excited to be working with FIS to deliver Receipts to the broader market. A go-it-alone approach isn’t viable for all banks. This way, we’re making services accessible to institutions that are embracing innovation and customer experience, but may not have the capacity to take it on themselves,” said Gross.  

About Sensibill Inc.

Sensibill works with the most innovative global financial institutions to solve their customers’ pain point of managing receipts. Sensibill’s solution drives net new engagements across online and mobile banking channels, while unlocking deep purchase insights across all payment methods. The service is fully white-labeled, designed specifically to meet bank requirements and is live with Tier 1 financial institutions today. To find out more, visit, and connect with us on and

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