Exciting Innovations In Technology Are Changing The World

Exciting Innovations In Technology Are Changing The World
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Astonishing Implications

Cloud computing is offering applications that can transform a business. From payroll to Big Data collection and interpretation, there are a lot of things that can be done with the cloud. Just consider budget expansions resulting from freed up resources due to cloud integration.

If you’re paying $20k a year for an internal server array to float your network—including upgrades and backup—you’re actually likely paying $50k or more. Why? Well, if you’re maintaining an internal network, you’ll need internal technical employees to troubleshoot, upgrade, and otherwise maintain it. You’re not going to find an employee qualified to do so for less than $30k.

Likely you’ll have a team of employees working together to maintain your systems throughout the year. If you’ve got four at $30k a year, that’s $120k a year plus $20k (a conservative minimum) for the server and associated accoutrements. You’ll be paying that $20k every three to five years even with the best staff because computers become obsolete quickly.

Meanwhile, if you outsource to the cloud, you can immediately save $40k over the course of five years, and you may be able to cut out a tech person or two, saving an additional $30k to $60k a year for a combined savings of between $190k and $300k in five years. That can be allocated to optimizing business.

IoT Considerations

Next you’ve got the Internet of Things, or IoT. Smartphones, laptops, tablets, smartwatches, smart cars, smart thermostats, LEDs, garage doors, refrigerators—there are many “smart” devices today, and virtually all of them are classified as IoT.

IoT innovation can help you collect real-time data on manufacturing operations, on distribution arrangements, on employee egress throughout the day—as a matter of fact, there may be no limit to the exciting possibilities which come from this spreading trend.

One thing worth considering is edge computing, which is sort of a marriage between cloud computing and IoT. Basically, individual IoT devices process a certain percentage of data across a network including multiple IoT devices. Soon, edge computing will likely result in a “new internet” that replaces older methods of computation and has greater freedom.

An edge computing network can really save businesses time and money, but since it is something new, as yet it hasn’t become as mainstream as it likely will be in the near future. Until then, IoT in conjunction with cloud computing techniques is used to collect information that companies can use to optimize their output over time.

More Tangible Tech Optimization

There are some surprising developments in physical manufacturing solutions like metal stamping — WEISS-AUG is a stamping design company that offers expansive engineered processes. If you work in automotive, aerospace, or other technologically-charged industries, it’s only to be expected that specific parts manufacturing companies should additionally optimize their output.

Ultimately you’re looking at a cumulative upward spiral. As more technological innovations come through the cloud and other areas, specific parts manufacturing will become more precise and expedient, simultaneously conforming to health and longevity standards.

It is conceivable that eventually, manufacturing will become something of an instantaneous thing vis-à-vis the Star Trek series. They’ve already developed 3-D printers widely available to the public. The next step from there will be faster 3-D printers and more simplified means of 3-D printing. As the data expands, so will technological developments. Where we go from here is up to the imagination.

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