5 Ways To Market New Nutritional Products

5 Ways To Market New Nutritional Products
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Americans are embracing nutritional products as an alternative, cost-effective solution to costly pharmaceutical or medical options. The nutritional supplements market has experienced tremendous growth over the last ten years, with more sales expected in the coming years.

Consequently, this explosive growth in the nutritional industry has also resulted in more manufacturers and distributors, increasing competition. If you’re new to the market and want to launch new nutritional products, how exactly do you get them out there?

Here are our simple tips on how to market new nutritional products.

Know Your Target Market

When it comes to launching new nutritional products like supplements, it’s important to have a basic idea of who your target customers are. To successfully sell any product online or in traditional brick and mortar stores, you should have a business plan that includes who you’re selling to. You can always improve your plan with better research and development.

While you may be targeting the larger nutritional supplements market, being more specific will yield better results. Deciding to market your products to specific target markets like endurance sports athletes, bodybuilders or day-to-day users will prove more effective.  

Ensure Proper Packaging And Label Design

To ensure your nutritional product performs well in the market, you need to have great packaging and label design. Without these two components, your products will struggle to get off the shelves. Having an attractive packaging and product label design can make all the difference when launching a new product line.

Market research is key when it comes to determining the type of labels and packaging you’ll use. Check out what your competitors are using and improve on that. For instance, if you look at a company like Rapidlab.com, a provider of automated mouse ear tags for animal identification, you’ll see a matching trend in their packaging, design choices and target market needs.  

Educate Your Customers

You need to educate your customers about your new nutritional product. The key is providing quality and honest information about your products. Considering that the product is new, people need to get as much information as possible as well as the proper knowledge on how to use the product.

Say, you’re targeting customers who want to look fit and younger. You should know that today’s consumer wants to have greater control over their health. Does your product help them achieve that? Customers will research about your product, so make sure there’s credible information out there.

Improve Your Digital Presence

Today’s consumers spend most of their time online. As a business trying to create a foothold in the competitive nutritional supplements market, building a strong digital presence is vital. Even before you launch your product, make sure you’ve already build a web and social presence that lays the foundation for your marketing strategy.

Your digital presence may be your biggest asset, as more businesses rely on online marketing to grow their sales and reach wider markets. Transparency and authenticity will also go a long way into helping your brand connect with customers in the digital world.  

Focus on What Matters

You’ve done your part by developing a nutritional product and even identified the right customers. You’ve also invested in marketing your product. What’s next? Focus on your customers, because they matter most. According to market statistics, customer-centric businesses are 60% more profitable than non-customer-focused businesses.

Look out for customer feedback, comments, complaints, and questions. Ensure customer satisfaction by providing answers and solutions, resolving problems and providing helpful information. Consumer demographics and correct product placement must also be considered to ensure that your branding message reaches the right consumer segments.

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