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NEW YORK, Sept. 14, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

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Kurt Takahashi, President, AMAG Technology – A G4S Company
Marc Blackmer, Cisco, Product Marketing Manager, Industry Solutions, Security Business Group
Samir Shah, CEO, Cyberinc
Ken Mills, General Manager, Dell EMC, Surveillance and Security
Graham Porter, Business Development Director EMEA, Dell EMC, Surveillance and Security
Nicholas Thermenos, Dell EMC, Director Sales & Marketing Americas, Surveillance and Security
Steve Visconti, President & CEO, Extenua
Jim Miller, ImageWare Systems, Chairman and CEO
Scott B. Suhy, CEO, Netwatcher
Sanjib Kalita, Chief Marketing Officer, Money2020


• AMAG Technology – A G4S Company, Kurt Takahashi, President

AMAG Technology’s Symmetry™ Security Management Solutions are deployed across a wide variety of market segments from commercial to government, education, healthcare, banking, transportation, utilities, plus many more. Headquartered in Torrance, California with sales and support located throughout the Americas, EMEA, APAC and LATAM, AMAG provides customers with industry leading unified security solutions. AMAG Technology is part of G4S plc, the world’s leading global integrated security company which has operations on six continents and 585,000 employees. As the industry leader, AMAG focuses on delivering the latest technology to meet market needs. Its next generation of Symmetry security solutions help organizations operationalize their business to mitigate risk, meet compliance requirements and save money.

For our complete interview with Kurt Takahashi, President, AMAG Technology – A G4S Company, please click here or here: www.securitysolutionswatch.com/Interviews/in_Boardroom_AMAG_Takahashi.html 

In recent news:

Amag Technology’s Symmetryweb™ Delivers Mobile Access Control Management To Symmetry Access Control Customers


Cisco, Marc Blackmer, Product Marketing Manager, Industry Solutions, Security Business Group
   Cisco Blog

Marc Blackmer, Product Marketing Manager, Industry Solutions, Security Business Group, Cisco, shared with us, “We at Cisco are fully committed to the IoT, and we believe the IoT must be secured for its promise to be realized. Securing the IoT is easier said than done, though. The first complication is that most IoT devices can’t protect themselves. To be fair, there are a number of reasons why they can’t, but from a cybersecurity perspective, those reasons don’t matter. A vulnerability is a vulnerability is a vulnerability. And these vulnerabilities create ample opportunities for an attacker to exploit those devices and gain access to your network.” For our complete interview with Marc Blackmer please click here or here:


• Cyberinc, CEO, Samir Shah

The Equifax Data Breach – It’s Time for a Change in Security

Equifax, one of the top credit reporting companies in the US revealed that sensitive data belonging to more than 143 million Americans was stolen in July. This represents approximately half of the U.S. population. This latest breach should come as no surprise to those who pay attention to the seemingly unending string of successful cyber-attacks in recent years. More details on how the attack was executed will certainly emerge in the coming days and weeks, as has been the case with other major breaches over the years.

The real question we should all be asking ourselves is will anything change in how companies protect against attacks, or will this type of incident continue to repeat itself into the future. Cyberinc was created to provide organizations of all sizes with a new approach to protecting themselves and their customers data from these types of attacks. An analysis of high profile data breaches over the last few years shows that successful attacks use either or both of the following techniques to achieve success.

Exploiting flaws in Identity and Access Management systems: Many attacks today from phishing e-mails to web application compromise and banking fraud rely on weak or outdated identity and access systems, mainly those that still rely on passwords to establish the identity or privileges of a user. Cyberinc has been helping customers design, deploy and manage state of the art identity solutions for well over a decade. Virtually every successful data breach includes some aspect of identity system exploitation or bypass.

Leveraging Advanced Malware: Many successful attacks in recent years have used advanced malware to exploit and control systems which provide the attackers with a platform within the organization to achieve their goals. Web browsers are often the target of choice for advanced malware as traditional defense mechanisms such as anti-virus and intrusion prevention systems have been unable to detect and defend against the sophisticated malware available to attackers today.

Cyberinc recognizes this and has developed a unique, integrated approach that combines a deep understanding and expertise in securing both identity systems and developing and deploying advanced malware isolation defenses. These anti-malware and identity have traditionally been addressed as separate and unrelated disciplines by the security industry. Cyberinc’s integrated approach to securing critical data assets addresses both key targets of attackers and represents a change in the point product approach to security. Only time will tell if Cyberinc’s new approach will make a difference in the seemingly never-ending stream of data breaches. But as this latest attack illustrates, it certainly is time for a change. For our complete interview with Samir Shah please click here or here:    www.securitysolutionswatch.com/Interviews/in_Boardroom_Shah_Cyberinc.html 

In recent news:

BPT Introduces Cyberinc’s ISLA® Web Malware Isolation System in Indonesia: to help prevent Web-borne Malware Attacks

Cyberinc included in “Cool Vendor” list by Gartner in Endpoint, Mobile, Network and Gateway Security, 2017
Cyberinc powers expansion of Isla® into global markets: Signs partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)


• Dell EMC, Graham Porter, Business Development Director EMEA, Surveillance and Security

“The Munich Airport system is a paradigm among airport security systems. It was designed around a single centralized and virtual data archiving system, accessible to anyone with permission anywhere on the airport network, and uses behavioral analytics to trigger alarm, camera management (zoom into the picture, follow a suspect, increase image resolution etc.) thereby reducing the number and scope of ‘People-Watching-Cameras’ and providing a massive saving for the airport operators. The system installed was placed by a Dell EMC partner in a public competitive RFP, so value as well as functional excellence was a determinant of the solution choice. We are given permission to reference this system and use it for show-&-tell visits and in our sales meetings with new and existing Customers. The airport has since expanded the system beyond the original scope and size of the original purchased hardware, emphasizing their commitment to our solution and their happiness with it. For our complete interview with Graham Porter please click here or here: http://www.securitysolutionswatch.com/Interviews/in_Boardroom_Porter_DeLLEMC.html


Interview With Ken Mills, Dell EMC, General Manager, IoT, Surveillance and Security

Interview With Nicholas Thermenos, Dell EMC, Director Sales & Marketing Americas, Surveillance and Security

Learn about Dell EMC Surveillance Solutions and the Solutions Portfolio here or here: https://www.emc.com/storage/video-surveillance-storage.htm#!solution_portfolio

For Dell EMC Partner Validations, please click here or here: https://www.emc.com/storage/video-surveillance-storage.htm#!partner_validations

Please click here for the Dell EMC VIGILARE BLOG – Surveillance and Public Safety Emerging Trends
or click here: http://vigilareblog.emc.com/

• Extenua, President and CEO, Steve Visconti

Extenua has released a most timely white paper…

This free white paper discusses the challenges of keeping ransomware (Cryptolocker, WannaCry, and the like) out of the corporate data storage, whether it is local, in the cloud or hybrid.


“Ransomware is a type of malware that restricts access to the infected computer system, and demands that the user pay a ransom to the malware operators to remove the restriction. Probably the most famous ransomware, even though not the only one, is Cryptolocker, and it’s certainly something you don’t want to deal with. Regardless of the strenuous efforts put in place by Antivirus developers, the rate of infection is astonishing, and these days it’s becoming even worse with an unprecedented outbreak of infection. To make things even worse, ransomware can also access all the shared folders on your NAS/SAN, so if you backup to a network drive your backups will be compromised too. The ransomware goals include, in fact, preventing you from being able to restore your old (healthy) data from a backup.”

“Even in case your systems are infected by a ransomware,
you will simply be able to format your computer,
reinstall your operating system,
and restore all your data from an always-healthy backup.”

Download the complete White Paper (in PDF format)



• ImageWare Systems, Chairman and CEO, Jim Miller 

ImageWare Systems, Inc. (ImageWare or IWS) (IWSY), a leader in mobile and cloud-based, multi-modal biometric identity management solutions, has issued financial results for the second quarter ended June 30, 2017, as well as a corporate update to highlight the company’s progress since its last quarterly update on May 10, 2017.

Operational Highlights

  • Expanded agreement with Fujitsu to support mobile devices and actively market the GoVerifyID suite of products in Europe, Middle East, India, Africa and the Americas.
  • Entered a resell agreement with Info X Distribution, a global distributor of storage and networking solutions, to market and sell the GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite.
  • Recognized by CIO Applications as one of the “Top 25 Cyber Security Companies for 2017.”
  • Finalized the integration of biometric identity management and credentialing software into five Alaskan airports.

Management Commentary

“Our second quarter was highlighted by several partnership developments,” said Jim Miller, ImageWare’s chairman and CEO. “In addition to expanding Fujitsu’s biometric security portfolio to support mobile devices, we entered into a reseller agreement with Info X Distribution for our GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite and SaaS solutions, and also completed the integration of our identity management and credentialing software into five Alaskan airports. In May, we were honored to be recognized by CIO Applications as one of the ‘Top 25 Cyber Security Companies for 2017,’ further validating our strong positioning and brand awareness in the marketplace.”  More

Jim Miller, Chairman and CEO, ImageWare Systems, OTCQB: IWSY, told us, “With data breaches happening every day and causing damage to your brand, tangible economic loss, and termination of employment for executive management charged with oversight, enhancing security without compromising user experience is a priority for today’s organizations. Multi-modal biometrics for user authentication handles this requirement and that’s what ImageWare does. We have invested substantial time and effort into making the implementation of biometric security simple, quick, and cost-efficient.  Being a pioneer in biometrics, with several decades of experience, ImageWare has built its brand through deployments in law enforcement applications, later migrating to secure biometric credentialing, and more recently, to authentication in the cloud using smart mobile devices. At the heart of all of our product offerings is the patented IWS Biometric Engine® (BE), which provides an ultra-scalable, real-time, multi-modal biometric enrollment and matching database specifically built for biometrics. The BE supports a dozen different biometric modalities today and adding new modalities is simple and straight forward. As we say, “we secure your future,” meaning that we not only satisfy your current security requirements, but we also secure your investment as new biometric technology becomes available.  We treat biometrics as “plug and play,” so you can take advantage of new advancements with no loss to your current investment.” More

For more information:
About ImageWare Systems (https://iwsinc.com/about)  
ImageWare Systems Markets (https://iwsinc.com/solutions)  
ImageWare Systems Products (https://iwsinc.com/products)  
ImageWare Systems News (https://iwsinc.com/category/news)  
ImageWare Systems Investors (https://iwsinc.com/about/investors)  
ImageWare Systems Partners (https://iwsinc.com/partners)  
ImageWare Systems Resources (https://iwsinc.com/resources)
ImageWare Systems Patent Portfolio  https://iwsinc.com/about/intellectual-property/)


• NetWatcher, CEO, Scott B. Suhy

Scott Suhy, CEO, NetWatcher, told us, “There is a giant opportunity here for MSPs at the moment. If you look at each vertical by employee size and count up the number of companies that fit into each just in the USA the numbers are staggering   All of these organizations are moving to a more advanced security footprint over the next several years.  You also know that they will first look to their MSP partner to provide the advanced stack and if you can’t provide it, they will find a MSP that can provide the stack and manage it for them.

“We built NetWatcher to enable MSPs to easily offer their own Security Monitoring / Managed Security / Managed Detection and Response service.   We designed and built NetWatcher from the ground up for SMBs and MSPs.   We built the service to be easy to install, easy to use for SMB/MSP IT professionals (not hard to find security analysts–although, analysts tend to love it too) and affordable.  MSPs will also find the multi-tenant single pane of glass user interface where they can manage all their customers — and the ConnectWise integration very valuable.”  More


Money2020, Sanjib Kalita, Chief Marketing Officer

“Money20/20 was founded in 2012 by people running businesses in the payments industry who realized that companies, both large and small as well as across industries, were getting into payments and financial services with disruptive technologies, business models and value propositions. There wasn’t a single event that met the needs of where the industry was heading so we decided to build it.

After we created a unifying event for the community in North America, we realized that other geographies could use the catalytic and unifying energy of Money20/20.  In 2016, we launched Money20/20 Europe in Copenhagen. In 2018, Money20/20 Europe will move to Amsterdam and we’ll launch Money20/20 Asia in Singapore in March.

Our 2017 agenda will continue to address the most pressing issues from the industry and highlight some of the most interesting speakers and companies from across the globe. The 2017 exhibit hall will be an ideal place to meet companies and begin conversations regardless of whether you’re a global giant or a scrappy startup. If you’re working on defining or delivering the future of the industry, I would recommend attending the show this year.” More

SecuritySolutionsWatch.com Is Proud To Be A Sponsor Of These Important Upcoming Events

Latin American Utility Week 2017 | Sep 19-21, 2017 | São Paulo-SP | www.latin-american-utility-week.com


World e-ID and Cybersecurity
Digital Identity & Data Protection for Citizens & Businesses
Conference & Exhibition – Sept. 25-27, 2017 – Marseille Provence, France

Now in its 13th edition, World e-ID and Cybersecurity explores the latest secure identification technologies, their implementation and the related online trust challenges. Over 2.5 days, 400 project managers, government reps and technology experts will join in to learn, share visions with counterparts worldwide and foster cooperation for successful secure Identity & Cybersecurity implementations.
From printed documents to the identity of connected objects, the  agenda will deliver a clear vision of secure identification as boundaries are blurring between physical and online ID, between private and public sector cybersecurity, between citizen and consumer online trust. Within Smart Security Week, additional learning, networking and innovation discovery events are also part of the agenda: exhibition & demos, workshops & tutorials, awards ceremony… along with multiple bridges with the co-located conferences addressing identity for development, IoT security, cyberthreat intelligence and risk management.


Identity World
Individual Recognition for Global Development
Conference & Exhibition – Sept. 25-27, 2017 – Marseille Provence, France

IDENTITY WORLD is the new conference on how trusted technologies address the state of the individual identity and its contribution to global development. An estimated 1.5 billion people do not have an official, government issued and recognized document as proof of their legal identity. The majority of these people live in Asia and Africa and a disproportionate number are women and children.

IDENTITY WORLD has set out to address this identity gap through the collective lens of our cultures, experiences, understanding and resources. Complementing its sister World e-ID and Cybersecurity conference till now, both the intensity of discussion and diversity of subject matter has lent itself to become in 2017 a separate space in the realm of public discourse.

Over 2.5 days, 40 speakers will address thoroughly the strategic framework stakes along key themes including: Statelessness & Inclusion • Civil Registration and Vital Statistics • Public & Private Sector Cooperation • Digital Identity, Democracy & Peace.
Thought leadership insights will be illustrated by case studies of large-scale implementations (identity, e-vote, healthcare, welfare payments…) as well as industry and technology perspectives. Multiple panel discussions are scheduled to ensure maximum interactivity.

Connect Security World
Embedding Trust in IoT Systems and Connected Hardware
Conference & Exhibition – Sept. 25-27, 2017– Marseille Provence, France

As IoT solutions are transitioning from hype to real deployments, the “Internet of insecure things” threat is gaining ground. To address unlimited risks, threats and vulnerabilities surrounding IoT, a new generation of connected devices and services is required, with better security and privacy by design. In its 6th edition, Connect Security World invites both digital security experts and IoT developers to discuss and define a true end-to-end security, from sensors to Cloud, from design and development to deployment.

Key 2017 themes include:
– Embedding Security in billion devices: SW/HW approaches
– New IoT networks security: LPWAN, 4G/5G…
– Cost of security: Time to market vs secure design
– IoT security regulation: industry and governments role

Joining Connect Security World offers the opportunity to meet and exchange with 350+ professionals: experts from security research and industry, associations, standards bodies as well as IoT stakeholders from manufacturing to digital services. Within Smart Security Week www.smartsecurityweek.com, they will benefit from additional synergies of contents and networking opportunities.

ASIS 2017
ASIS International 63rd Annual Seminar and Exhibits
25-28 September 2017
Dallas, Texas

Continuing A Legacy of Excellence​….For more than six decades, ASIS Annual Seminar and Exhibits (ASIS 2017) has been the premier event for security professionals worldwide, providing industry-leading education, countless business connections, and the latest products and services. ASIS 2017 will offer attendees the opportunity to:

CONNECT ​with 550+ solutions providers showcasing the latest industry innovations and services

NETWORK with 22,000+ security professionals for collaborative learning and solutions for enterprise business and public sector security leaders

JOIN industry leaders accelerating the future of the security profession


Structure Security
Newsweek Events and Structure Events
September 26-27, 2017
South San Francisco Conference Center – 255 S Airport Blvd, South San Francisco, CA 94080

Structure Security 2017 will highlight the best practices that security professionals are using to protect some of the world’s largest companies and institutions, and examine the future of security products, services, as well as the threats that want to take them down.

On 26-27 September, in the South San Francisco Conference Center, Newsweek and Structure Events will bring together over 500 attendees and 40 plus speakers, from the FBI to UBER, for cutting edge discussions and workshops about latest industry trends.


Infosecurity North America
October 4-5, 2017
John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center, Boston

Infosecurity North America is an exciting new launch event from Infosecurity Group. Infosecurity Group run 7 market-leading information security events around the globe and have over 22 years of experience connecting everyone and everything you need to know about information security.

Infosecurity North America will bring this wealth of global experience and knowledge to Boston in October 2017 in the form of an innovative SMART event, offering digital tools to help visitors and exhibitors make the most out of their time.


18-19 October 2017
McCormick Place, Chicago

Cyber Security Chicago offers invaluable security insight for both IT managers & security specialists. Hear from cyber securities finest on how you can build stronger defenses against cyber-attacks & how to recover if your systems are breached. Cyber Security Chicago allows you access to a wealth of insight and solutions to help you protect your employees, organization and country from criminal gangs and cyber terrorism. Learn from industry experts at thought-provoking seminars and discover solutions on all facets of cyber security and risk mitigation, from perimeter firewalls to the latest threat intelligence solutions.


The Venetian, Las Vegas
October 22-25, 2017
[email protected]

Money20/20 US is the world’s most important event covering payments and financial services innovation for connected commerce at the intersection of mobile, retail, marketing services, data and technology. With 11,000+ attendees from 4,500 Companies and 85 Countries, including 1,700+ CEOs and 400+ speakers, expected at our 2017 US event, Money20/20 is critical to realizing the vision of disruptive ways in which consumers and businesses manage, spend and borrow money. Money20/20 US will be held in Las Vegas, October 22-25, 2017.


O’Reilly Security Conference





Build better defenses

The O’Reilly Security Conference brings together in-the-trenches security practitioners from organizations of every size, across a wide breadth of industries to share actionable insight in a supportive, hype-free environment. We’ll cover interesting successes (and failures), provocative ideas, practical how-to’s, proven best practices, and effective new approaches that can benefit all defenders.

Looking for new ways to fend off a targeted attack or eject persistent intruders from your environment or recover quickly and effectively from a breach? Want to integrate new technology into your environment, securely and successfully? Need to figure out how to keep your access controls (to data, network, or cloud) effective at scale—without losing your mind? Want to help your management team and BOD understand how your work is crucial to the bottom line? All of the above? There’s no better place than Security.

Join us October 29–November 1 at the Hilton Midtown in New York, NY. Take a look at the schedule and start making your plans today. Need help convincing your manager? We’ve got you covered.


Cyber Security Summit: Boston

Wednesday, November 8, 2017   |   7:45AM to 6:00PM   |   The Westin Copley Place, Boston



Border Management & Technologies Summit Asia 2017
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

November 7, 2017

Asian nations are continuing to develop their borders and create the most efficient immigration processes at airports. Many of the regions border security agencies are working hard to improve security on their borders from illegal migration to cross-border organised crimes. Airports in the region are improving passenger experiences to make immigration processes as smooth and hassle free as possible.   Read More >>

To take part in our international event either as a speaker, sponsor, exhibitor or as a delegate please contact us at [email protected] or call us on +44 (0)1582 346 706


Cyber Security Summit: Los Angeles

Wednesday, November 29, 2017   |   7:45AM to 6:00PM   |   The Beverly Hilton



LAAD Security 2018 | Apr 10-12, 2018 | São Paulo-SP| www.laadsecurity.com.br

LAAD Defence & Security 2019 | Apr 02-05, 2019 | Rio de Janeiro-RJ | www.laadexpo.com.br


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