Solving Illegal Tenant Sublets on Airbnb

Solving Illegal Tenant Sublets on Airbnb
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Enforcement of policies against unauthorized short-term rentals is virtually non-existent. As a landlord or a property manager, it’s your duty to provide a comfortable and safe environment for your tenants. Below, we provide a simple guide on how to solve illegal tenant sublets on Airbnb.


Discovering Sublets

It’s difficult to know if a tenant is subletting through a service like Airbnb. That’s why many rentals go undetected by property management or staff. In many cases, tenants illegally subletting property know fully well that they’re violating leasing terms or property association rules, so they do everything to avoid detection.

While you can use various methods to discover illegal sublets like talking to your tenant’s neighbors and asking them to report suspicious activity, the modern landlord has little time to do that. That’s why landlords and property managers are opting for a variety of useful tools to monitor their Airbnb properties.

Some states have been updating their policies on how to handle illegal tenant subletting. In most cases, commencing eviction proceedings the moment you have proof is the best option when it comes to dealing with cases of subletting.

Using Monitoring Services

According to, a company that monitors Airbnb on a daily basis, many property owners and managers are opting to use monitoring services to detect listings for Airbnb rentals of their properties across various home sharing websites.

Using monitoring services helps you avoid the risks posed by illegal rentals, such as liability and security issues, while helping you take the necessary steps to stop illegal rentals from taking up residence in the first place.

By utilizing new rental monitoring and prevention services like SubletAlert, landlords and property managers are able to monitor their properties more effectively and prevent unauthorized rentals.

Why It Matters

Unlike what many people may think, monitoring your Airbnb property does matter. Most landlord insurance policies specifically don’t apply to properties that are being sublet. So, for instance, if one of those illegal tenants breaks their leg in the shower and sues you, your insurance company will not help you.

Subletting is fast becoming one of the leading grounds for tenant evictions. With the growing concerns about tenants who sublet through Airbnb illegally, property owners and managers are left with no choice but to start possession proceedings against those who violate their leasing terms.

The fact that you don’t have any kind of contract with such tenants makes the situation even worse, in case something unfortunate happens. Monitoring your property on Airbnb helps you check whether your units are being subleased at any given time, including at night and on weekends.

What to Do If You Find a Tenant Subletting

If you suspect or discover that a tenant is subletting your property, don’t hesitate to take the right action. Get to the bottom of it immediately. While the laws surrounding subletting are a little bit flux, be certain that it’s a clear violation of your lease agreement.


Working with an experienced association counsel and utilizing rental monitoring services like SubletAlert will help you enforce the rules prohibiting illegal subletting on your units.

Despite the upward trend in illegal subletting by way of Airbnb and similar services, landlords are encouraged to be proactive by taking preventative measures against illegal subletting. This includes meticulous vetting of prospective tenants and conducting regular property inspections.

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