Objectivity Powers the Most Demanding Real-Time Data and Sensor Fusion Systems on the Planet

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San Jose, California, Aug. 16, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Objectivity, Inc., the leader in enterprise database software platforms for real-time data and sensor fusion systems, announced a fourth quarter profit for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2017 and the release of its latest versions of ThingSpan® 15.5 and Objectivity/DB® 12.5.  

Objectivity has been powering analytics and relationship discovery in some of the most complex, operational systems within the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and defense and intelligence industries for decades. “It is amazing to see what our customers have built with Objectivity’s technology from systems that control manufacturing plants to oil and gas exploration on land and at sea to battlefield and intelligence applications, etc. It is critical that these systems capture and analyze information from many different sources in near real-time for new insights in order to make critical decisions. ‘After the fact analysis’ does not work with real-time and data sensor fusion systems,” said Jay Jarrell, President and CEO of Objectivity, Inc.

Objectivity’s latest product, ThingSpan, is an enterprise data and sensor fusion platform for graph and data analytics that integrates with open source technologies such as Spark, Kafka, HDFS, YARN, etc. making it easier for Data Scientists and Analysts to get started. ThingSpan’s new DO query language is simple and expressive, giving users a powerful new tool to query and manipulate data to discover new information in the graph. Data Scientists familiar with SQL and the Cypher graph query language will find DO graph queries easy to execute.

With Objectivity’s products, enterprises can discover unknown connections in real-time across Big and Fast Data clusters with large distributed graphs consisting of trillions of nodes and edges. “One of our customers had a call detail record (CDR) data set of over one billion records which continues to grow by tens of millions new records every day. Their traditional relational database was not able to produce any results when querying their highly connected data out to three or four degrees of separation,” said Brian Clark, Vice President of Products for Objectivity, Inc.  “ThingSpan was able to exceed their requirements by ingesting and connecting the data at a consistent rate of 3,600,000 CDRs per minute all while performing complex queries on over ten billion records. Complex queries looking for similarities and patterns in the data up to ten edges deep were complete in under a minute with ThingSpan. This is actually a simple use case for ThingSpan that shows its power of handling and querying large, complex, inter-connected data.”

The latest versions of ThingSpan and Objectivity/DB are now available for free 60 day trials.  These trials are for the full product and include free email support, documentation, tutorials, samples, and up to one hour of free one-on-one technical assistance.  Free 60 day trials are available by request from www.objectivity.com.

About Objectivity

Objectivity, Inc. delivers massively scalable and highly performant enterprise software platforms that are proven to power mission-critical applications for the most demanding and complex datasets. With a rich history of serving Global 1000 customers and partners, Objectivity holds deep domain expertise in fusing vital information from massive volumes of data and sources to discover unknown connections at speed and scale. Objectivity’s technology enables enterprises to make better decisions with precision, scale and efficiency. Objectivity is privately held with headquarters in San Jose, California. Please visit www.objectivity.com to learn more.

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