dinCloud’s New Virtual Robot Improves Quality Assurance and Customer Experience in SAP, Salesforce, Sage, and Microsoft Dynamics

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LOS ANGELES, July 18, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — dinCloud today announced the availability of a full-service virtual robot. Dubbed “James”, the virtual robot runs in the cloud, as a service, and requires no coding or configuration by customers. James will help organizations deliver a better customer experience to employees and customers.

James is tasked with testing and documenting the performance and availability of services that are important to an organization. For example, James can validate the customer experience on an e-commerce site, the payroll calculation process in an organization’s ERP software, or other critical services. James can test the user experience 24/7 on systems including SAP, Salesforce, Sage, and Microsoft Dynamics.

Traditional methods used today, such as monitoring tools, have a system-level perspective. dinCloud’s virtual robot service sees through the eyes of the user. It can also be rolled out in less time than it takes to onboard a new employee. Additionally, all setup, configuration, changes, and maintenance are performed by dinCloud. Customers have a dashboard for reviewing performance real-time and also receive alerts via email or text based on thresholds that dinCloud helps users establish.

“Often, organizations receive calls from customers or employees noting that some process is broken. While IT generally has monitoring tools in place, there is still a gap in knowing, and actually seeing, what the user experience is like. Even if the software is not ‘down’, it could still impact user productivity,” said Ali Din, general manager and CMO at dinCloud. “James can proactively and precisely point out these issues. This way, the help desk isn’t reliant on users calling to report the issue, if they even do call.”

Software QA managers, analysts and engineers, software delivery managers, IT managers, e-commerce managers, website admins, and help desk managers will benefit most from “hiring” James. The service can also be leveraged by software companies, Software as a Service (SaaS) providers, and other service providers.

To learn more about the benefits of “hiring” James, pricing, and availability, read the full press release: https://www.dincloud.com/news/virtual-robot-james-launch or visit: https://www.dincloud.com/virtual-robot.

About dinCloud:
dinCloud is a Cloud Services Provider (CSP) helping organizations simplify their use of technology via its cloud platform.www.dinCloud.com; www.linkedin.com/company/dincloud; @dinCloud on Twitter.

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