What is DevOps: Everything You Need to Know

What is DevOps: Everything You Need to Know
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There are plenty of good reasons to give your development team ownership over what they create. The term DevOps has been around for a while, and it seems to means something a little different to everyone involved. In a recent article at https://stackify.com/what-is-devops/ CEO Matt Watson dove into what DevOps truly means, and how to break down the barriers surrounding developers to create better efficiency.


Humble Beginnings

The DevOps movement got its start sometime around 2008 with the main goal of agile infrastructure. Since then it has grown exponentially, but how?

Watson explains that some 10 or more years ago most every enterprise was using desktop applications. In order to ship new software, a company had to send CD’s or have their clients download a whole new service. Thankfully we left the world of desktop only behind and entered the glorious age of all things internet, complete with the mobile apps we’ve come to love.

During the transition, businesses began to ship new versions of code for web application as well as create infrastructures to host them. All of this rapid change put a fair amount pressure on larger IT companies who found themselves unable to meet the demands of the industry or their development teams. Thus, DevOps was born.


The Idea

When developers do operations tasks for their own apps, everything becomes more efficient. Large and small companies alike benefit from streamlining things like software development and provision servers. Developers need the ability to rapidly create servers and ship code whenever they need to without the process of IT operations in the way.

The idea is that things simply run smoother when the developers can control the creation and employment of their applications. Giving them the ability to create servers in a snap, deploy their software changes, and troubleshoot any production problems ensures a simpler process. Essentially, as Watson puts it. The idea is self-service.


Employing DevOps in Your Company


Empowering your development team to take ownership of delivering their products, successes, and failures allows for a more creative environment as well as a more productive one. However, that doesn’t mean completely eliminating your IT Operations. In fact, that’s kind of an impossibility.

All DevOps requires is that your development team is completing all of the tasks related to their operations. That takes away the barriers bringing production to a near halt. No delays, no excuses on why your newest high-quality product isn’t on its own two feet yet.

Your IT Operations can and should still be responsible for company security policies, too. Giving your developer’s administrator level access is never a great idea, but giving them limited access to a tool like Retrace helps to remove the roadblocks along the way.

Bring the Barriers Down

Speaking of removing roadblocks, it isn’t some well-kept secret that software development is a complex process. There are always barriers that slow production down, which is why utilizing DevOps can help to minimize those on one end.


Anything that prevents a developer from writing, shipping, and supporting their code acts as a barrier. That could come from their inability to provision servers, deploy code, and more. Identifying that barriers exist in your company’s software development process are the first step, employing DevOps is the second.

DevOp s

Any company looking to ship code faster can utilize DevOps to eliminate the barriers faced by their development team. That does not mean a “NoOps” situation, but rather that the development team is self-sufficient, and takes ownership of what they create with IT only assisting when needed. When your dev’s are pushing code and on call, production is sure to skyrocket.

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