OnTerra Systems Introduces Updated RouteSavvy™ Route Planning Software

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DENVER, June 13, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OnTerra Systems (www.OnTerraSystems.com), a technology leader in web mapping, route optimization, and Bing Maps licensing and services, today introduced a new version of its RouteSavvy™ route planning software (www.RouteSavvy.com).

The new version of RouteSavvy is based on Bing Maps Version 8, and this upgrade significantly increases the performance of this route planning tool designed for small to mid-sized fleets. “RouteSavvy on Bing Maps v8 literally makes the display of routes with many locations as much as roughly three times faster,” said Steve Milroy, president and founder of OnTerra Systems.

In addition to speeding the processing and display of optimized routes with multiple stops, RouteSavvy’s migration to Bing Maps Version 8 also provides additional features and functions for fleet managers and route planners who use RouteSavvy. New features available in RouteSavvy on Bing Maps v8, include:

  • New Streetside View Menu Selections: Now, RouteSavvy users can toggle over to a street-level view which is helpful in determining if the location is correct;
  • Increased number of stops: The number of stops that can be shown in a print-out, PDF, or mobile app has increased from 20 to 100;

This release also includes many enhancements to help RouteSavvy users manage data and projects, including At-A-Glance Folder Counts, Project Name Display, and Save Project Prompts.

  • Folder counts: At a quick glance, users can see how many locations are in a folder/area which can help organize territories and routes;
  • Project name in exports: The project name is now displayed in RouteSavvy and relevant exports. This is very useful when users are managing many different regions or routes and can more easily switch between projects without losing context;
  • “Save Project” Prompts: This function provides an additional level of prompting for users to save their existing route planning before starting another.

“The migration from Bing Maps Version 7 to Bing Maps Version 8 has brought significant performance improvements and an array of new features for RouteSavvy users,” explained Mr. Milroy. “RouteSavvy already has proven to save money that goes straight to the bottom line, as well as improving productivity and customer satisfaction. These new performance improvements and features make RouteSavvy even easier and faster for fleet managers and day-to-day route planners to use.”

About RouteSavvy
RouteSavvy (www.RouteSavvy.com) is an affordable, web-based, route planning software tool that costs $8 per month for up to 3 users per year. RouteSavvy helps managers of small to mid-sized fleets plan more efficient routes for deliveries, pick-ups, service, and sales calls. It has proven ROI and typically pays for itself within one month because it generates immediate savings for businesses and non-profits with small to mid-sized fleets.

About OnTerra Systems
Founded in 2005, OnTerra Systems is a leading software company that provides Web Mapping services and products, route planning and route optimization products, and Bing Maps integration products and licensing.  OnTerra Systems provides these products and services to businesses, non-profits, government, and research organizations that need route optimization and map-based visualizations of data.  OnTerra Systems has thousands of customers, and is a long-time Microsoft partner.  OnTerra can be reached at:  www.OnTerraSystems.com or 720.836.7201.

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