The Besen Group Releases Small Cells Business Case Tool 2017

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WASHINGTON, May 23, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Besen Group, an international mobile data industry management consulting practice headquartered in the Washington DC area, with representatives in Paris and Tokyo, released today Small Cells Business Case Tool 2017.

The Besen Group’s Small Cells Business Case Tool 2017 is targeted to mobile network operators, cable operators, satellite operators, mobile vendors, Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) vendors, tower companies, MVNOs, MVNEs and MVNAs. 

With The Besen Group’s Small Cells Business Case Tool 2017, these organizations can calculate their total costs of ownerships of their small cells networks in licensed and unlicensed spectrum bands for urban, suburban and rural geographic areas with different small cell network deployment architectures.

The Besen Group’s Small Cells Business Case Tool 2017 contains six different deployment architectures based on multiple fiber and microwave backhaul scenarios including LTE, LTE-U and millimeter wave bands as fronthaul scenarios.

“Given 5G networks and upcoming new spectrum opportunities such as 3.5 GHz and 5 GHz bands require small cells networks; our tool will be very valuable resource for any organization focused on advanced mobile network technologies and spectrum bands,” said Alex Besen, Founder and CEO of The Besen Group LLC. “We believe many enterprises and large venue owners such as sport arenas, shopping malls, universities will be deploying their own private LTE services over 3.5 GHz and 5 GHz bands. We will define those organizations as MVNOs and we believe that they will find our small cells business case tool easy to use for calculating their total costs of ownerships.”

“Preparing a thorough business case for small cell network deployments is not a trivial endeavor, as many variables enter into the specifics of the design needed to meet particular requirements and to accommodate the applicable implementation circumstances.  Furthermore, an ROI computation is very much dependent on each operator’s business plan,” said Didier Stom, ASC Telecoms co-founder and VP.  “Costs of ownership (capital and recurring expenditures) can, however, be estimated fairly accurately for various generic deployment scenarios by making a series of assumptions about the target serving area and potential users covered and with regards to the infrastructure which may be leveraged to supply the necessary backhaul.” 

“Small cells will have great economic impact for the mobile industry and will include different business models in order to enhance coverage, capacity, offloading and quality service offering. Given the upcoming 3.5 GHz and 5 GHz bands, organizations have to calculate their backhaul costs in order to deploy their small cells successfully”, said Roger Entner, Founder, Recon Analytics.

The Besen Group Small Cells Business Case Tool 2017 contains the following worksheets:

  • Worksheet # 1:   Cover
  • Worksheet # 2:   Disclaimer
  • Worksheet # 3:   The Besen Group
  • Worksheet # 4:   Instructions
  • Worksheet # 5:   Definitions
  • Worksheet # 6:   Architectures
  • Worksheet # 7:   Topology
  • Worksheet # 8:   Market Size
  • Worksheet # 9:   Scenario: Existing FTTH & FTTB
  • Worksheet # 10: Scenario: Existing FTTH & FTTB with the new equipment
  • Worksheet # 11: Scenario: Existing FTTH & FTTB from Light and Utility Poles
  • Worksheet # 12: Scenario: LTE from Light Pole & Existing FTTX
  • Worksheet # 13: Scenario: LTE from Tower & New Microwave
  • Worksheet # 14: Scenario: mmWave from Rooftop and Tower with Existing FTTX & FTT
  • Worksheet # 15: Pricing
  • Worksheet # 16: Summary
  • Worksheet # 17: Graph Data
  • Worksheet # 18: Graphs

The sample information on each worksheet can be downloaded from the following limited version:

The Besen Group offers Small Cells Business Case Tool 2017 on an individual or corporate license basis in Excel format.  For pricing information or customization options, please send an email with contact details including name, title, company name, phone number to [email protected].  

The Besen Group will be demonstrating Small Cells Business Case Tool 2017 at Mobile World Congress Americas on September 12th and September 13th in San Francisco.

To schedule a meeting, please send an email with contact details including name, title, company name, phone number to [email protected].

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The Besen Group is an international management consulting practice to the mobile industry headquartered in the Washington DC area, with representatives in Paris and Tokyo.  Its mission is to provide mobile players with tools, knowledge, and services enabling them to perform optimally in their mobile environment.  The Besen Group’s competitive edge is based on practical experience with mobile operators, mobile vendors, and a mobile data laboratory. 

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