Zoomdata and Informatica Deliver the Internet of Beers (IoB) to a Pub Near You

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Informatica World 2017 SAN FRANCISCO, May 16, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Zoomdata, developers of the world’s fastest visual analytics platform for big data, today announced at Informatica World 2017 a technology partnership to integrate Zoomdata with Informatica’s Intelligent Streaming (IIS) product family. One of the first joint customer use cases is with a global beer company aiming to optimize delivery of its suds.

With  Zoomdata’s streaming architecture, IIS users now have an end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) solution, in which IIS connects, transforms and presents data to Zoomdata, which delivers a real time interactive data visualization experience. With Zoomdata’s Data DVR, business users can pause, rewind, and replay streams of data and gain immediate insight into historical and real-time trends at macro or granular levels of detail. Together, Zoomdata and Informatica solutions blend multiple static and streaming data feeds for enhanced interactive real-time analytics, enabling access to infinite and near-infinite data sets of up to tens of billions of records in under two seconds.

Today at Informatica World, Zoomdata unveiled an Internet of Beers (IoB) use case for the partnership — which monitors real-time metrics like average tap pressure, average tap temperature, consumption based on pressure and temperature, consumption by city, brand of beer and even by bar location. These are all key metrics that business users can track to ensure the beer remains flowing at optimal levels to quaff consumption and quench customer demand.

Informatica Intelligent Streaming allows organizations to prepare and process streams of data and uncover insights while acting in time to suit business needs. It can scale out horizontally and vertically to handle petabytes of data while honoring business service level agreements (SLAs). Intelligent streaming provides pre-built high-performance connectors such as Kafka, HDFS, NoSQL databases, and enterprise messaging systems and data transformations to enable a code-free method of defining your data integration logic.

“From ensuring beer continues to flow through the taps at the right pressure and temperature to analyzing billions of rows of data instantaneously to make better decisions, the collaboration between our teams provides a uniquely differentiated and robust complement for Zoomdata’s DataDVR,” said Zoomdata CEO Justin Langseth. “The combination of both products will be a key enabler of customers’ digital transformation.”

“With the advent of big data technologies and the increasing digitization of every aspect of the value chain, organizations are looking to derive maximum benefit from the velocity of data, capturing as it becomes available, processing it and responding to events in real time,” said Informatica’s Ronen Schwartz, SVP and GM Cloud Big Data and Data Integration. “This collaboration goes to the core of our strategy of offering best of breed products to our customers. The combination of Informatica’s Intelligent Streaming solution and Zoomdata’s DataDVR provides a powerful and effective solution to harness the value from fast data.”

Zoomdata is the first vendor to offer a platform that delivers interactive query and analysis capabilities for these next generation Big Data analytic applications. The latest release of Zoomdata brings unmatched performance with its breakthrough, patented high-definition data sharpening technology for visualizations and analytics for the next order of magnitude data.

Zoomdata’s patented technology empowers users of IIS to:
●      Access Zoomdata’s streaming and Data DVR capability to view live and streaming data from IIS, and also rewind, pause and fast-forward the data stream helping users identify patterns as they change over time.
●      Connect to the broadest range of big and modern data sources including Hadoop distribution such as Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR; Impala, Drill, SparkSQL query engines; search-based stores such as Elasticsearch and Solr; cloud based stores such as Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift; NoSQL and NewSQL stores such as MongoDB, Cassandra and MemSQL, as well as SAP Hana and SAP Vora.
●      Blend streaming data with historical data using Zoomdata Fusion, whereby customers and developers can combine data from multiple sources — making it appear as a single source.
●      Leverage Zoomdata sharpening and micro-query technology. This means users can begin to explore big data sets immediately without waiting for long queries to complete, with visualizations “sharpening” progressively as the micro queries return.

Zoomdata will showcase the solution with Informatica at Informatica World in San Francisco May 15-18 as part of the Intelligent Streaming Deep dives (table DI&BD248). More information about the partnership and solution is available at https://www.zoomdata.com/partners/informartica/

About Zoomdata, Inc.
Zoomdata develops the world’s fastest visual analytics solution for big data. Using patented data sharpening and micro-query technologies, Zoomdata empowers business users to visually consume data in seconds, even across tens of billions of rows of data. Zoomdata Fusion enables interactive analytics across disparate data sources, bridging modern and legacy data architectures, blending real-time streams and historical data, and unifying enterprise data with data in the cloud. Delivered in a microservices architecture for elastic scalability, Zoomdata runs on premises, in the cloud or embedded in an application. With offices in Chicago, New York, San Mateo, CA and Reston, VA, Zoomdata is venture-backed by Accel, Columbus Nova Technology Partners, Comcast Ventures, Goldman Sachs, NEA, and Razor’s Edge.

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