Global IntelliSystems Announces Their Delivery Assistance Service to All Marketers Regardless of Which Email Marketing Vendor or In-house System is Being Used

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COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho, May 16, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Global IntelliSystems (GIS), a leading US-based email marketing service announced a new service designed to help marketers see for themselves exactly what is causing their weak response rates.  This new released Delivery Assistance Service (DAS) offers companies a full year of delivery monitoring and problem resolution services for a flat-rate starting at $895. The DAS works with any email deployment platform including companies that use in-house systems for their email campaigns.

“Too many marketers falsely believe their response rates are good because their rates have remained within a tight range over the years,” stated John Brogan, CEO of Global IntelliSystems.  “What marketers don’t realize is many email delivery systems and vendors have been sending mail with bad delivery reputation scores for years so the results they see are actually poor, and that lowers response rates,” continued Brogan.  “Utilizing our new DAS, clients can remain with their current vendor or their in-house system but now will be transparently supported by a team of GIS professionals. We developed automated tools that perform real-time outside-looking-in audits of their mailings on year-round basis.  Some brand name companies are using email vendors with terrible reputations so the results can be quite positive once the recommended fixes are put into place,” stated Brogan.

DAS as stated will work with any email marketing system worldwide so marketers do not need to change any step of their current routine.  It takes minutes to sign-up and monitoring goes into action within an hour. The service watches for over a dozen faults that cause poor delivery and lower response rates.  Once a fault is detected a report is sent to the customer stating the items that need fixing to clear the fault.  In some cases, the email marketing vendor must get involved to fix their own problems.  Some of those vendors will find they cannot fix their problems due to their history of bad mailing practices.

“At GIS, we have found many marketers are reluctant to switch to a better platform even if their current vendor has a terrible reputation,” states Hank Garcia, Executive Vice President.  “Because DAS is transparent to any email platform it allows companies to continue utilizing their current email deployment environment but now DAS will help them see in real time the problems effecting their deliverability.  DAS will provide clients with an unbiased view of the problems causing poor deliverability. Once a company is presented with the hard evidence and learns that their vendor does not want to fix the problems they quickly head for the exit the and start to look for a better solution. That would-be GIS,” stated Garcia.

The DAS service is priced at a flat-rate of $895/year to monitor mailings from up to five (5) different sender addresses (from: lines) An unlimited monitoring rate of $1995/year is available for companies with more than five (5) senders.


Global IntelliSystems has been empowering their clients to maximize email marketing results with its state of the art SAAS platform designed for high and low volume mailers worldwide.  Staffed with industry experts with over 30 years of hands-on email technology experience, Global brings customer service and coaching to the highest level.  Using as-it-happens live reporting combined with an intelligently designed delivery network Global IntelliSystems offers major mailers and small business users the best response rates in the industry.

For more information please contact Hank Garcia, Executive Vice President at (970) 315-3637 x 321 or via email at [email protected]. Full details of the DAS is available at

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