Helix Reports Embeds Izenda Self-Service BI to Analyze Complex Financial Statements

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ATLANTA, May 08, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Izenda, a provider of a business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform purpose-built for OEM use and embedding today announces enhanced data analysis with self-service business intelligence embedded in solutions provided by Helix Reports. The company helps business owners understand their financial position in real-time and better manage growth.

Helix Reports embedded with Izenda’s powerful BI and data analytics ends the disconnect of running multiple businesses and multiple accounting packages by bringing data together into one platform. Izenda’s self-service analytics solution provides consolidated answers to liquidity, cash flow, return on investments, and investment value.

“Izenda is one of the few companies that understands what software companies and their customers need from embedded BI. Others say they deliver that, but Izenda really gets it,” said Yishai Hornbacher, technology leader for Helix Reports. “For many companies embedded BI is an afterthought or add-on in both pricing and architecture, not the purpose-built solution that Izenda delivers.”

Helix Reports makes it possible for business owners with multiple instances of QuickBooks to scale without the expense of hiring six figure accounting staff and to avoid the cost of licensing and time to convert to a more robust accounting and finance software package. Izenda enables Helix Reports to offer their customers intuitive real-time, self-service analytics inside a single financial application.

With Izenda’s intuitive user interface and self-service analytics end users can now easily create custom reports with the data analytics needed to critically assess their cash position. Helix customers can in a matter of minutes produce the qualitative reports needed for strategic business decisions.

Izenda provides an improved experience and features over what Helix could offer reporting with Excel. Mobile reporting, support for much richer interactive reports, stability and easy sharing of reports increase the company’s competitive advantage.

“Izenda makes Helix scalable in ways that we simply were not before. And customers really demand mobile reporting today. Absolutely everyone wants to see their reports on their phone,” Hornbacher said.

Izenda offers the flexibility for clients to use Helix as a cloud-based application on Azure, or in-house if they want data to remain on premise.

Hornbacher said, “For embedded BI and analytics, scalability extends beyond software compatibility. Izenda uniquely understands that and its model allows unlimited users, which enables Helix Reports to offer a pricing model that matches the customer and their business.”

About Helix Reports
Helix Reports is a privately held company that provides clear, relevant financial answers for business owners who struggle to understand their financial position. Focused on companies with disconnected financial systems such as multiple QuickBooks files, Helix Reports provides consolidated answers to liquidity, statement of cash flows and investment value, with intercompany elimination and reconciliation, that is continuously up to date and accurate without requiring any systems migrations or long term commitments. http://www.helixreports.com/

About lzenda
Izenda offers an embedded self-service business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform purpose built for software companies, solutions providers and their customers. Izenda integrates seamlessly in applications to deliver BI and analytics directly to the people who need it most – application end users who want to easily analyze, visualize, and share valuable data and insights in real time.

Based in Atlanta, Ga. and founded in 2007, Izenda is used by more than 10,000 organizations on a daily basis. https://www.Izenda.com.

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