MONEY.CA and The Canadian Money Newsletter Launch Next Issue of Money Magazine

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TORONTO, April 26, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The next, latest and greatest edition of Money Magazine is now available on sale at Chapters, Indigo, Coles, Smith Books Pharmaprix and other fine retail establishments across Canada. Money is a large, important and meaningful subject matter that is covered in many ways and by dedicated Canadian financial authors, writers, bloggers and advisors. Starting with the basics of investments, insurance, mortgages, tax and financial planning. MONEY tries to dig deep and uncover the truths and misconceptions of the core services Canadian’s want and need.

From the big picture of macro economics to the local economy of wallet share our writers know and understand what matters most to MONEY readers, subscribers and exclusive members. Our audience pays more to know more and to stay just ahead of the average Canadian.

There is in fact many ways to save money, often people buy in to marketing and advertising that sells without substance or value. Flight Miles, travel points and other seemingly seductive offers have garnered interest and great following but leave customers flat when it comes to customer service. MONEY recognizes some of the benefits of these gimmicks and makes the customer wiser and more aware of what is truly beneficial and what is hype. MONEY insists there is no better rewards program than money saved or money preserved.

How Canadian customers spend their hard-earned cash is the real difference between making and saving money and no perceived advantage can amount to better value.

The new average Canadian wants and expects more and sees through the best of marketing efforts to realize simple value. Nothing is better than getting money back or saving it from being charged.

By becoming an exclusive MONEY Member you can enjoy the website and our high quality, quarterly Money Magazine and stay in touch with the monthly MONEY Newsletter. From time to time we look for the best deals, bargains and sales that undoubtedly create value or save substantial dollars. Beyond financial literacy it makes sense and pays dividends to follow MONEY.

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