Cytta Demonstrates CIFF Compression Technology to Industry

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Bellevue, WA, April 24, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cytta Corp (OTCPINK:CYCA) is pleased to announce that we have been working with a large aerospace contractor evaluating incorporating the Company’s revolutionary CIFF Compression technology with the recently completed VeriSmartPhone™ Version 2.0 Proprietary Android Control Interface (PACI), into several aerospace related products.  This effort is occurring concurrently with the with the Company’s ongoing integration efforts to integrate, the paradigm shifting CIFF Compression technology into our VeriSmartPhone™ platform.

Since the completion of Cytta’s Version 2.0 Proprietary Android Control Interface (PACI), showcasing our technology in our Doctor Direct/EvrCare™ Healthcare platform, Cytta and CIFF have been working to create models to integrate our now market ready technologies.

Mr. Michael Collins, Cytta’s new Director of Digital Media stated, “The very successful current technological evaluations and demonstrations I have been coordinating, have allowed Cytta to conclusively show the advantages of our paired technologies, while providing quantifiable benchmarks of superiority over existing technologies. This has also allowed us to begin preliminary modeling and licensing discussions with other major players in corresponding technical spaces. The pairing of these exciting technologies creates multiple licensing and revenue opportunities, which are well within our grasp.”

Mr. Collins has years of experience in developing, designing and operating imaging, network and telecommunications systems. He is personally responsible for coordinating the digital media integration of our VeriSmartPhone™ generally, in addition to his unique integration expertise with the CIFF compression technology. Mr. Collins is responsible for business development, licensing, marketing and sales of CIFF System technology in defense, government, business and commercial areas. Mr. Collins will also oversee sales, training and implementation of the CIFF and VeriSmartPhone™ technology with all government and commercial clients.

The CIFF compression System is unique, proprietary, patented and stands alone, due to the CIFF features and capabilities that are unattainable by any other image/video compression technology. CIFF is paradigm shifting technology that, in many important areas, exceeds current day compression and decompression technologies.

The current CIFF Software is fully developed, tested, robust and mature under the most stressful conditions. CIFF’s features and capabilities are unattainable by any other image/video/data compression technology. CIFF technology incorporates low weight, very small size, very little heat to dissipate, and extremely low power consumption for faster than real time compression of extreme resolutions.

CIFF can compress HD video, at any quality and bit rate, “on the fly” while also guaranteeing that the pre-set bit rate will never change for the selected quality and frame rate. CIFF enables real time situational awareness for extremely reliable collateral damage mitigation. This is all due to the “CIFF enabled” high resolution video and imagery, and is scalable or dial-able to fit any bit rate “on the fly”. CIFF is completely interoperable with COTS products and can utilize meager off the shelf processors in any notebook, PC (and soon VeriSmartPhone™) to compress and send FULL HD video and data.

CIFF Video/Image Codec provides ultralow latency mathematically lossless and lossy video/image and other types of data compression and decompression.  The CIFF Codec is orders of magnitude faster at any compression ratio with the higher or the same perceived and measured decompressed video/image quality when compared with state of- the-art compression methods (H.264, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, JPEG2000, JPEG).  The CIFF technology also uses far less system resources (processor throughput, memory size, bus bandwidth, power consumption).

About Cytta Corp.(

Cytta Corp. is a developer and integrator or leading edge technologies in the smartphone, compression and mobile broadband space.  Cytta has developed Proprietary Android Control Interface (PACI) which it has implemented as an IoT remote monitoring connectivity system through its VeriSmartPhone™ platform. This platform is a highly scalable and secure IoT two-way real time monitoring android control interface initially deployed in a Doctor Direct/EvrCare™ healthcare solution. The Cytta VeriSmartPhone™ technology consists of an ‘intelligent’ android smartphone reprogrammed at the operating system level as an IoT control interface. The Cytta Connect technology automatically connects all remote monitoring devices to the Cloud/IoT platform creating real time communication for all IoT market segments. To their PACI technology they have added the CIFF Compression System which provides compression features and capabilities that are unattainable by any other image/video compression technology. CIFF is paradigm shifting technology that, in many important areas, exceeds current day compression and decompression technologies.

About Doctor Direct Inc.(

The Doctor Direct or ‘doctor directed’ model is Cytta’s initial, high risk, patient remote monitoring business offering using our PACI technology.  The business is a Physician prescribable model for patients with two or more identified morbidities. It is now complete, live patient tested in clinical trials, and has been field deployed. The Doctor Direct segment of the EvrCare™ system is completely open source – Automatically connects any Bluetooth health or wellness devices (i.e. blood pressure, blood glucose, pulse oxygen, digital scale, etc.) to the VeriSmartPhoneTM to the IoT/Cloud and on to the caregivers anywhere, and anytime. 

Data is automatically received by VeriSmartPhoneTM, interpreted, assessed and recipients determined.  VeriSmartPhoneTM transmits data in real time to the Dr., Nurse, Caregiver and/or family member along with determination of action level or importance.  Dr., Nurse, Caregiver, or family member responds to patient via voice, video, SMS or email in real-time through a VeriSmartPhoneTM in the patient’s home. The Doctor Direct remote patient monitoring system, combined with the new billing/CPT codes for the service, has created the opportunity for real-time patient monitoring and a significant revenue stream to the Physician for providing better quality care.

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