Podium Data Delivers Self-Service Data Marketplace to Large Enterprises

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LOWELL, Mass., April 20, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Podium Data is releasing the latest version of its data marketplace platform with added features that expand the enterprise-grade capabilities of the Podium solution. New security features, along with enhanced change data capture, schema evolution and customization features, make it easier for organizations to integrate large volumes of data in a secure enterprise-scale data lake and give business users self-service, on-demand access to data for expanded analytics and insight-driven decision-making.

Podium Data is currently used by Fortune 500 companies to deliver usable and actionable data insights.

“Podium’s enterprise data management platform–the Podium data marketplace–is helping organizations make the transition to the modern era of big data and widespread business-driven data preparation analytics in a number of ways,” said Paul Barth, the CEO of Podium Data. “First, IT staff is reducing the time it takes – from months and years down to days – to ingest, secure and manage huge stores of data and then deliver the same to business users via the Podium Data Marketplace. Second, business users are now able to go into the marketplace to find, prepare and retrieve custom data sets on their own in a matter of hours, so they can make better use of enterprise data to conduct more analytics projects and bring more analytic insights into their decision-making. All of this adds up to incredible ROI as we deliver a fast time to answer based on quality data that was previously unobtainable.”

“Enterprise businesses are transforming to a next-generation enterprise data management platform and architecture,” said Nik Rouda, senior analyst with the Enterprise Strategy Group. “This new data environment must handle massive volumes of data for large numbers of users to satisfy the needs of the business. Podium delivers against these promises with a new data marketplace approach, plus enhancements that focus on security, integration and a streamlined user experience.”

New features enhance quality and usability of the enterprise data marketplace

The latest enhancements expand the enterprise-class capabilities of the Podium platform to meet the complex, real-world data management needs of large organizations with huge data stores. Support for change data capture and schema evolution provides more flexible options for integrating enterprise data sources into the data marketplace.

A critical requirement for Podium customers, including banks, insurance companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers, is the ability to secure and govern data in the marketplace. New capabilities further strengthen Podium’s already hardened security features. New direct policy integration between Podium and Apache’s Sentry and Ranger systems makes data in the Podium data marketplace even more secure by automating the synchronization of security measures between Podium and Hadoop. Closer integration between Podium and Sentry or Ranger means that user access and security policies created in Podium for specific data entities are now automatically and immediately replicated in Sentry or Ranger.

As data marketplace projects mature and more businesspeople are attracted to the platform as the fastest, easiest and most flexible place for them to meet their enterprise data needs, Podium is responding with new functionality that simplifies and automates the user experience. These new capabilities build on Podium’s current simple graphical user interface (GUI) and metadata-driven interaction model and allow data consumers to be more productive and obtain more results while working with data in the marketplace.

Enhancements are summarized as follows:

  • Support for user-defined properties allows Podium users to easily capture information that is specific to their business processes by customizing the information tracked for each data set in the marketplace.
  • A new reporting function shows the end-to-end lineage of any data entity, from the external source to the published target and any transformation work in between.
  • An automated wizard simplifies the process of adding new data sources into Podium. It allows users to save and reuse customer-defined connectors that are preconfigured with property values for frequently-accessed source environments and servers.
  • Added support lets users automatically generate and execute SQOOP to bring new data into Podium – with no coding required.
  • Users can select and combine different connection methods and then load data from source systems into the marketplace. Connection options include JDBC, SQOOP and FDL/Files, which can be combined to match the technical preferences of Podium users working with the data source.
  • An improved loader for XML data with a new record count validation makes better use of XML file footer data to confirm accurate ingestion of XML files.
  • More control over determining where statistical profile data generated for each new data set entering the marketplace is stored. Profile data stored in HDFS, HIVE or Postgres is easily accessible for data governance, data quality or metadata integration purposes. 

Podium 3.1 is now available directly from Podium at www.podiumdata.com/product. Current customers have immediate access to the newest features as part of their existing subscriptions.

About Podium Data, Inc.

Podium Data is radically simplifying and accelerating the way companies manage, prepare and deliver business-ready data – the lifeblood of the modern enterprise. The Podium Data Marketplace is a turnkey big data management platform that goes beyond data lakes to give business analysts self-service, on-demand access to trusted data while ensuring quality and control. This revolutionary approach accelerates delivery by more than twenty-five times while reducing costs by 40 percent. A growing list of Fortune 500 enterprises is already using the Podium Data Marketplace to deliver a wide range of analytics projects like never before. More information is available at www.podiumdata.com and on Twitter at @PodiumData.

CONTACT: William Baker, Baker Communications Group, 860350-9100, [email protected]
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