TROVE “Makes Data Useful” for the Enterprise with Launch of Predictive-Analytics Platform

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BUFFALO, N.Y., April 04, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Trove Predictive Data Science, Inc., an innovator in predictive data-science technology and a leader in its application, today is “making data useful” for more enterprise customers with the launch of its namesake offering, the TROVE Platform. Addressing the gap between Big Data’s promise to drive business improvement and the shortcomings of most data-analytics implementations to date, the TROVE Platform is optimized – through its core attributes of Datasynthesis™, Solvers™, Frictionless Functionality™, and Science Squad™ – to do one thing well: create measurable value for an organization by making its data more useful.

“Every company today will need to become a data company,” said Ted Schultz, CEO of TROVE. “And yet study after study has shown the enterprise trying, and failing, to wrest meaningful insights from the growing volume of data it is amassing. The big vendors in the space continue to come at this problem touting high-ticket, proprietary solutions that can effectively ‘boil the ocean’ but can’t tell a grid-operations team which customers will shed load tomorrow, or a customer-service department which customers are about to leave.

“At TROVE, we’ve taken a different approach. We are driven by one guiding principle: making data useful for our clients. Everything in our approach – packaging ready-to-use consumer data, flexible delivery models, use of open-source technology, and affordable pricing – helps our clients make the most of their current systems and gain the benefits of predictive data science quickly and easily. Our obsessive focus on making data useful has produced the TROVE Platform, which marries the computational horsepower of the biggest players with the operational ‘horse sense’ of experienced data scientists to help clients put their data to work in the right ways to meet their business imperatives.”

One such client is home-security giant ADT. Using TROVE, the company has tackled a number of marketing and customer-service challenges, gaining significant cost savings and operational insights in the process. Over the last year, ADT has used the TROVE Platform to make course-corrections to marketing campaigns, turn subjective “hunches” into quantifiable facts to support business decisions, and reduce churn through improved, data-driven customer engagement.

“The data advantage TROVE has delivered us is a significant one,” said Raya Sevilla, SVP of IT at ADT. “When we began to look at how we could use predictive data analytics in our operations, we reviewed the offerings of all the major players. TROVE was the only one that was flexible enough in pricing, technology and ideology to pivot and grow with us as we followed where the data led us. The TROVE Platform, as facilitated by the stellar ‘Science Squad,’ has since proven invaluable, seamlessly working with our legacy systems and across our business units to turn our customer data into an asset to drive and improve our business.”

The TROVE Platform
The TROVE Platform features four key capabilities, each of which contributes to making data more useful for clients, and which together deliver companies a predictive data-science performance breakthrough. The four pillars of the TROVE Platform are:

  • Datasynthesis™ – TROVE’s proprietary process for making a client’s data “prediction ready” by aggregating and normalizing it, then augmenting it with TROVE’s unequalled cache of 3rd party data for precision insights.
  • Solvers™ – TROVE doesn’t sell software, it sells “solvers” – practical bundles of data-science mastery, models and applications that interact with a customer’s data to answer an array of business-critical questions related to customer behavior, grid operations, campaign targeting and network performance.
  • Frictionless Functionality™ – Combining open-source technology and enterprise scale, the TROVE Platform can handle data from any system, in any amount, run any model, and deliver usable results that integrate seamlessly with a client’s business applications, ensuring their predictive data-science experience is friction free.
  • Science Squad™ – Across industries, data-science expertise is in short supply – except at TROVE. The TROVE Science Squad is esteemed among clients for its accessibility, creativity, and unequaled ability to help them get the best use and most value from their data and the TROVE Platform.

The TROVE Platform is available today in the cloud or on premise. For more information on the TROVE Platform, please see or contact TROVE at [email protected].

TROVE Predictive Data Science, Inc. is an innovator in predictive data-science technology. The breakthrough TROVE Platform, which combines the best in scalability, open-source technology, data fusion, advanced data modeling, and consumer data, as well as data-science expertise and teamwork, makes data useful for the utility, smart-home, and other data-intensive industries. The company is headquartered in Buffalo, NY with an office in Silicon Valley. For more information, please see

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