Conferences are a breeze with the Signia Primax Pure

Conferences are a breeze with the Signia Primax Pure
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A few days ago I attended a conference known as Traction Conference here in Vancouver, BC. This was a loaded conference full of people and it was loud. Luckily for me, I had my Signia Primax Pure hearing aids on me along with EasyTek which helped me to zoom in on the conversations on stage and eliminate all that background noise.

With the Signia Primax Pure’s “EasyTek” mobile application, I went into the Spatial Configuratior and set it so it focuses only on the speech coming in front of me. Not behind me, not from the sides, and not from all around.. just in front.

In loud environments such as the receptions, I can easily use my EasyTek device or the EasyTek app to quickly configure the Signia Primax Pure so it’s not picking up all the background noise of people chatting. Alternatively, I can put the Signia Primax Pure on “mute” so all the amplification is gone. Even better, if I just want to discretely listen to music to block out all that noise even more, the Signia Primax Pure has the ability to stream HD Music which is such a major plus.

Stay tuned for the next series of how I am using the Signia Primax Pure in my day to day life.

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