Enjoying Vegas with Improved Hearing with the Signia Primax Pure

Enjoying Vegas with Improved Hearing with the Signia Primax Pure
June 19 19:19 2016 Print This Article

So I’ve just come back from the beautiful Las Vegas, NV where it wasn’t too hot but too cold, it was just the perfect temperature. Las Vegas is known as a very audible city, sometimes, an overwhelming audible city. However, with the Signia Primax Pure and SpeechMaster, that craziness¬†of bells and whistles disappears.

With the traditional hearing aid, Vegas can drive the hearing impaired person insane. All those bells and whistles from the slot machines are constantly going off one after the other in your ear non-stop. You’d probably want to rip your hearing aid out and turn it off because of the amount of action. Not with the Signia Primax Pure.

With the Signia Primax Pure, background noises are somewhat eliminated and you can focus on the most important things, conversations. I was sitting down with my friend at a busy Las Vegas casino having a quick meeting and with the slots behind me, a typical conversation would be overwhelming. Not only that, the fact that so much is going on and everyone is talking makes conversations in your Las Vegas casino quite difficult. Signia Primax Pure’s SpeechMaster solves that.

One thing is to note, I don’t have much of a hearing impairment, yet, I am benefiting significantly from being able to hear conversations better. So much happens around us every single day and we miss so much of our conversations. With the Signia Primax Pure, that’s now solved.

Now when it came to the plane ride to Vegas, I was in pure joy. You see, the Signia Primax Pure can stream the highest quality HD sounding music I have ever heard! Those flight attendants don’t even know, so listening to that safety demo on how to buckle a seatbelt, something that we’ve done since the 1960s, I can just listen right through that. Well, all kidding aside, you need to listen to that safety demonstration. But anyways, I loaded my iPhone with some tracks that would last me for the flight and didn’t have to worry about engine noise or anything like that. Crying baby behind me? All gone with the Signia Primax Pure.

Before using the Signia Primax Pure I never knew how much I was missing from my day. Now I know and can regain all those lost moments. Stay tuned for more!

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