Review: Significantly Improve Your Mobile Coverage With The WeBoost Drive 4G-X

by Jessica Yaniv | April 19, 2016 7:33 am

Several months ago I’ve received the WeBoost Drive 4G-X to review. With products like the Drive 4G-X, it takes quite a long time to review to really see the difference that a cell booster can make cause as you all know, I roam around a very spotty area that has poor cell service with low data speeds and constant dropped calls. weBoost used to be known as Wilson Electronics, those guys that made those amazing cell boosters (and still do). About a year ago, they’ve rebranded to a much friendlier name “weBoost.”

The Drive 4G-X is super easy to install with a 15 minute installation time to run the wires, mount the antennas and such. I personally love the Drive 4G-X because you don’t have to mount your phone in a holster in order to get improved coverage, it just works, automatically.

It also doesn’t take much from your car’s battery, something that I was quite worried about when first testing out the unit. The Drive 4G-X works with any phone and any carrier.

One thing to note, if you already have no signal where you are, the weBoost will probably not help you as it requires some form of signal to reach the booster. But if you do have a 3G signal that has the capability of 4G, then you’re golden. If you’re on the road lots, like myself, I suggest picking up a Drive 4G-X from WeBoost today!

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