Wearable Technology is Changing Tech Landscapes

Wearable Technology is Changing Tech Landscapes
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The year of 2015 has seen some high-tech innovations that have paved the way for some bigger and better things to look forward to in 2016. The emergence of wearable technology has been a game changer in the industry, and has led to companies developing hardware that Hollywood couldn’t have dreamed up in its previous visions of the future. Well, the future is here now and tech landscapes are changing massively. Advances in technology are enhancing the fitness and the gaming industries, along with many others.


Developments in gaming have come along so swiftly in the past 20 years that gamers have been pondering how long it will be before they are putting on suits and being transported into the games. Well, that time has nearly come and the first steps towards it are putting on virtual glasses to play. PlayStation have Project Morpheus in development, which is a virtual reality system that players strap to their heads. Early reports suggest that this is going to revolutionise gaming.

Casino gaming made the switch to an online computerised format seamlessly, and online casinos have spread like wildfire across the internet in a short space of time. It made sense that the transition to the mobile format would also prove popular, so casino fans can look forward to their favourite games being developed in a newer and even more exciting format on wearable technology.

One of the reasons why online casinos have proved so popular is the apprehension of walking into a casino that many newcomers feel. Playing online from the comfort of their own homes they can feel more relaxed. When gamers play online roulette with 32red, Fulltilt, 7red, and others, they have step-by-step instructions at their fingertips and 24/7 support, but may feel like they are missing out on the buzz and atmosphere of a real-life casino floor. Wearable technology could provide gamers with the best of both worlds. Although players get a rush from playing roulette, blackjack and slots at sites like 32red, if they can see a virtual casino floor using Google Glass it may give them a feel of being at the casino, but in the safety of their own homes. This is certainly one area of the market that seems to have limitless potential.

Fitness and sport

There is no doubt that fitness is in fashion these days. People are generally choosing to live much healthier lifestyles than those of previous generations. Technology has stepped up in this department and provided fitness enthusiasts with plenty of different ways to improve and enhance their regimes. Apps on smartphones have played a big part in these ideas moving forward, with people having the opportunity to measure and time their runs, monitor their diets, build workout plans and much more. Wearable technology is set to build on this even further.

Smart headphones that track your fitness levels while you jog are expected to be huge next year. Moov will also be highly popular with joggers. You strap it to your leg and it acts as a virtual trainer, monitoring your programme and providing you with information about how to improve. It has many features such as helping with posture and providing encouragement. Fitness bracelets such as Fitbit and Garmin are set for big things in 2016 as well, as the competition between the two has led to both companies raising their games.

Wearable tech is going to be massive in sport over the next few years, with some seriously cool looking stuff around already. Zepp is a golf app that players stick to their glove. It measures the player’s swing and links with a smartphone app to tell the player how they can improve their game.

Viper is a training strap that Premier League clubs have started using to track their players’ fitness levels. They also track speed, movement, positioning, and acceleration to provide clubs with information that could lead to vast improvements in strategy and getting the best from players.

Not only is this new form of technology making serious waves in the gaming and fitness markets, it is also finding its uses in helping people track their sleep patterns, their pet’s whereabouts, their financial situations and much more. As technology advances seem to be progressing ever more rapidly, what will 2016 have in store for tech fans?

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