Sponsored Review: XY Find It Smart Beacons

Sponsored Review: XY Find It Smart Beacons
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I’ve been reviewing the XY Find It Bluetooth becaons for the last few days and I absolutely love them! In my years of reviewing, I’ve seen many locator devices and many beacons and none of them really wowed me. From ugly designs to functionality that just wasn’t there, no other company got it right.

This has however changed because XY Find It has nailed it with the best design and functionality you could ever imagine.

You’re probably wondering, what is XY Find It? Well, XY Find It is a loss prevention device that will help you keep track of your possessions. I do wish you could stick these beacons onto larger devices, but perhaps that will come in a later update.

The cool thing about XY Find It is that it’s a real true beacon that broadcasts Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 signals in iBeacon format. The beacons are always on and I’ve had no issue so far with the battery life. I do wish that the beacons had a vibration motor in them since the loud pitch pulsing is sometimes hard to hear.

The mobile application works on both Android and iPhone. I do wish that there was an Apple Watch compatible version of the application, that would be extremely cool and definitely a first.

Using the mobile application is super easy. Within the application there is a “Find” feature which sounds a high pitched pulsing alarm inside of the beacon that assists you to find the lost item quickly and easily. The feature I love the most is that it actually will tell you on a map approximately where the misplaced device is. No other beacon that I have seen has that functionality.

XY Find It App
XY Find It XY Find It

Are you one to forget to take your keys with you when you go out? Well, attach an XY Find It beacon to it and if you go out of range, your beacon will go into “alert” mode sending a lost notification to your mobile device. Think of it as if these beacons are constantly tethered to your mobile device.

However, if you don’t want to always be tethered to your device, you can set a beacon to “mute” mode, which will then turn off that leash. If this is left on un-mute, you can sometimes get a ton of notifications.

The beacon is powered using a lithium battery. Its design is of a hexagon and it’s just stunning, I just can’t say more, it’s just beautiful. One thing I did find difficult was removing the “pull” battery tab. Opening the beacon isn’t exactly the easiest of tasks and it almost feels like you’re breaking it when you put a screwdriver in to open it. Do not use a knife to open it.

Setting up the beacons is super easy. Download the application from the app store (it’s free), remove the tabs and then search for your beacons. That’s all there is to it really, it can’t get any easier.

The visual appeal of the XY Find It application is stunning, purely stunning. It has a greenish colour to it that really makes it easy on the eyes and it’s so easy to use.

Personally, I put the application on my iPhone to be always running as a service just to test it out. It’s not that much of a nuisance as you might think it is. Yes you do get notifications but at least you know where your stuff is!

If anyone remembers, XY Find It was a Kickstarter campaign back in April 2014. They are available from XYFindIt.com as a one pack for $24.95, a 3 pack for $59.95, a 6 pack for $99.95, or a 10 pack for $149.50.

Overall, I highly suggest getting the XY Find It beacons, it’s a small investment but it can save you from a lot of headaches if you’re one that tends to lose things easily.





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