Intel RealSense, It’s Too Freaking Cool!!!

Intel RealSense, It’s Too Freaking Cool!!!
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Excited yet? You should be. I’ve just discovered something really cool from Intel called Intel RealSense. At CES 2015, Intel showed off this technology to be mainstream in their new products. I’m excited when I say that so many consumers and businesses will be getting new systems with RealSense this 2015. What is RealSense though? It’s something that’s going to rock your world.

RealSense has three lenses in their cameras. The first is a standard 2D camera that will take regular videos and photos. But the cool thing is it also features an infrared sensor. Because of this RealSense allows you to see the distance in between objects, so you can take a photo and then ask RealSense how far is it from point A to point B. How freaking cool is that! There’s even gesture recognition as well! Too awesome!

One tablet that features the technology is the Dell Venue 8 7000.

Personally, I love the 3D scanning capability that RealSense provides. There are many 3D printouts that I’d love to do and to have this technology readily available is incredible. You can also do green screen images without a screen, something many people like myself would drool over.

And if you want to drool a bit…

Cool eh?

I have many things I’d love to use RealSense for. My favourite application with RealSense definitely will be 3D modelling. I won’t need to get a 3D scanner from Matter and Form, RealSense will do the job right for me. Gotta love that! Stay tuned for more information about Intel and RealSense.

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