Wearables: What’s the right device for you? Will the wearable device trend end in 2015?

Wearables: What’s the right device for you? Will the wearable device trend end in 2015?
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We live in such a productive society these days, where people are always connected. This can be a great thing, as we are able to stay in constant contact with the people we love and remain up on the latest news. This is a world where people get their information instantly. Intel states that wearables need to be out of sight in 2015 but that will never happen. I’m attending CES 2015 in two weeks and with 532 wearable exhibitors at the show and counting, wearables in 2015 will be hotter than ever.

Not everyone likes this, as critics say that people never truly leave work, but when they’re in the office, they’re always prone to distractions – maybe their wives are texting them about dinner plans, old college friends are writing on their Facebook walls or they’re feeling the phantom vibrations of a cellphone not actually going off. As we all know, tech doesn’t have to be bad – there are plenty of ways to become more efficient with the help of wearables so that you have more time at the end of the day to hang out with family and friends.

There are a ton of options in your arsenal when it comes to these easily portable devices. What are you going to use to make real improvements to your life?

Google Glass
We’ve all seen these devices around, though they haven’t gone mainstream just yet. Never mind the benefits in the workplace – the possibilities are endless across virtually every facet of life. For one, it frees up your hands – gone are the days when you needed to type a semi-coherent text with one hand because you were in the middle of something else. This device is a multitasker’s dream. It also allows you to look at documents, media and other files right in front of your eyes, no matter what you’re doing, making you much more efficient.

One of the latest gadgets to hit the market, smartwatches are being developed by all the big guys, from Apple to Samsung. Other than just acting as a simple timepiece, these devices also double as Internet browsers when your smartphone is nearby – though standalones are allegedly coming down the pipeline. But how is this going to help? First, you don’t have to fish your phone out of your bag every time you need a quick answer to a question, thus being able to accomplish tasks faster. Computerworld said this can be super helpful to people like doctors or stockbrokers – anyone who needs an update, really.

Fitness tools
It’s obvious how something like a Fitbit or a Nike FuelBand can make your life better – you can track your workout, monitor various health metrics and even virtually compete against friends. If you’re fitter, you’re going to be more healthy, which means that you’ll be able to spend more time with loved ones and less time taking sick days from work.

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