ClickStick, World’s First SMART Eco-Friendly Deodorant

ClickStick, World’s First SMART Eco-Friendly Deodorant
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Smart deodorant? Two word’s I never thought I’d say together, ever. But in this day and age, everything is going the smart route. Smart phones, smart computers, and now smart wearables such as LifeLogger and Google Glass. But who ever knew that the thing we all wear daily (I hope), would become a smart device. That day is now.

ClickStick features

I recently came across a Kickstarter project called ClickStick. Have you ever experienced rashes from deodarant? I have, and they are not fun. Sometimes it’s cause you’ve applied too much of it. Well with ClickStick, it applies the right amount and it looks freaking cool at the same time. Yes, a deodorant application that looks freaking sexy and saves the environment from plastic waste that can build 145 jumbo jets.

Jumbo jets

Now, you may be thinking, “aw man, this is gonna be like a $500 Kickstarter project it’s not gonna get their goal” WRONG. With just 24 hours to go, ClickStick has achieved and exceeded their funding goal. This deodorant even comes with a mobile app so you can re-order your refills easily. Now, refills in the store usually cost $4.50 but with ClickStick, it’s just $2. Hello savings! And it’s environmentally friendly too!




Back them today on Kickstarter as there is just 26 hours to go!

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