Wear more than your heart on your sleeve

Wear more than your heart on your sleeve
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These days, people are paying more attention to their health than ever. We’ve all read about those fad diets that restrict you to practically a few carrot sticks a day, heard the whirr of an angry juicer, seen individuals nearly killing themselves training for a marathon and so on.

Getting in shape is hard work, but it’s worth it. When you’re fit, you’re more focused on other tasks, and exercising can teach you lessons you can bring into other aspects of your life. For instance, you learn to set goals, buckle down when you don’t want to and turn to people who know more than you for help.

Interestingly for us techies, technology is increasingly finding its way into workouts, which is helping blur the lines even more. Wearables are the future of exercising, and those of us who are super tech-savvy are probably in the best place to start seeing real changes.

So, how are wearable gadgets going to make our lives better?

Look at iHeart, a physiological age monitor that helps you to improve your aortic stiffness to live a healthier life. It’s a oximeter that works over bluetooth and is currently on Indiegogo at 64% funded with less than a month to go. If you haven’t picked one of those up, I highly suggest you do and read the review.

Leading healthier lives
Looking at the daily stats on your Fitbit​ or Nike+ FuelBand makes you start to think about your health. Let’s say you’ve got an office job requiring you to sit at a desk for the better part of eight hours every day. When you’ve got a wearable, you start to recognize that you’re not moving much, so you’re going to start taking the stairs, walking around the block during lunch and taking the long way to the bathroom.

This may well evolve into something more in the future. CNET reported that as time goes on, we’ll start to see things like blood chemistry readings so we can all get a more proactive handle on our lives and our health.

A new office culture
Soon, maybe we won’t be talking about the latest “Game of Thrones” episode at the water cooler, but the chat will revolve more around the workout we did last night. People talk to their co-workers about things they have in common, so if a worker sees a peer with a Fitbit and he’s also addicted to his, this can open the door to more socialization and engagement in the office. When you like your co-workers, you’re more likely to be a team player and look for collaboration opportunities.

Skip those sick days
When you’re self-monitoring your health and becoming fitter, you’re simply less likely to get sick. You’re eating right, sleeping enough and taking care of your body – viruses beware. This can be good for the office, as you’ll be more productive and won’t infect those around you. Don’t skip those hard-earned vacation days though – you’ve earned them.

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What's wrong with training for a marathon? Get a good Garmin pace watch and it'll keep track of your every stat including your heart rate, pace, distance, elevation gains, past records, calories burned, and so much more. Analysing the data afterwards is cool too! Technology is transforming the way people lead healtier lives. It's awesome.