What I do to protect myself from cyber attacks at home and in public

What I do to protect myself from cyber attacks at home and in public
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I don’t know about you, but there are plenty of times I wish I had crystal ball on me, like when I’m buying a lottery ticket or if I’m deciding whether or not to brave rush-hour traffic. Perfectly accurate predictions are near impossible most of the time, but there are experts in various fields who are paid to make the most educated guesses they can.

Consider tech – pros across the industry already have a good idea about the gadgets, operating systems and platforms that are coming out next year, among other things. And those focused on cybersecurity probably already know what the biggest issues are going to be in terms of threats.

The trend of Internet Cafe’s is quickly dying. Why? Because of security. There’s so much risk involved with using a public computer to access your private data which involves a username and password. Yeah, you might login and it flushes each session when you logout, but is that guaranteed security? No. This is why I carry an Asus Transformer Book powered by Intel and Windows 8.1 with me where ever I go. It’s light, and it’s functional.

When I’m using my Asus Transformer Book, I know I’m secure. Why? Because I take precautions. First off, when I’m on my Asus Transformer Book I don’t blindly connect to public wifi hotspots without appropriate protection. I ALWAYS use a VPN, such as UnoTelly to ensure I’m cloaked. Secondly, I use Yubico’s NEO to ensure supurb security and most of all, if I don’t need to use a public wifi hotspot, I won’t and I’ll just tether to my phone.

It’s just too hard to be constantly typing and browsing on a phone. Thankfully, the Asus Transformer Book has me covered

So here’s a sneak peak for you – these are slated to be some of the biggest issues next year. There’s nothing like having some insider info so you can plan out your strategies ahead of time.

According to a presentation given by cybersecurity expert Dr. Adrian Davis at the Information Security Forum last year, hacktivism is set to spike next year. Given the attacks from various activism groups – think Anonymous – this shouldn’t really come as a shock. That said, Davis explained that the main goals in 2015 will be to spread fear, uncertainty and doubt. The main thing hacktivists will be looking to do, he noted, is destroy the reputation of the companies they attack.

This might sound far-fetched, but think about the repercussions of a leak – we’re still hearing about last year’s Target breach, almost a year later.

Criminal rings
These aren’t so different from hacktivists in that we’ve seen them before and we’ll see them again. These are the groups behind the infamous Target situation, as well as many others (Kmart, Home Depot, etc.), and heads up – they’re not going to stop in 2015. Davis reported that these hacker rings employ the best and the brightest all over the world, and their strategies are only getting more sophisticated. Companies have to shore up their defenses now.

​BYOD and BYOC policies in offices are spreading across the globe. If you can use your personal device and cloud to make your work life easier, why wouldn’t you? You can be more effective and produce higher quality work at the end of the day. But, IT Freedom reported that this opens up a gateway for hackers to infiltrate organizations. Let’s say you’re a business owner with the best security protections out there – that’s all well and good, but can you say the same about the device your employees are bringing into the office and surfing the network with? If you can’t say yes, you’ve got a real issue on your hands.

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